A New Ending to “The Wave”

A group of my seventh graders just finished reading The Wave by Todd Strasser.  After discussing the book in detail, they all agreed that they did not like the ending.  They each decided to write their own ending.  They could choose a character that they wanted to focus on or make it a more general ending.  Here is one student’s Chapter 18 explaining how Robert, one of the main characters, handled the aftermath of the wave:

Robert, His Struggle, and What the Wave Did

Posted on April 2, 2014 by sarahc

In Language Arts class we finished the book The Wave by Todd StrasserI thought this was a good book although it had a very weird ending. Instead we were assigned to create a new ending. I chose to make the ending more of Robert’s ending and how he changed after The Wave.

Once Robert found out that The Wave was ending, he was completely shocked! When the students returned to their classrooms, everyone was silent. Everyone was thinking the same thing, although no one wanted to talk. All of a sudden Robert stood up and said, “This was the one period of time in my life that I haven’t been bullied. It was all because of The Wave, and now I will just go back to being the class loser.” He stormed out of the classroom. Laurie went to go chase out after him.

“You won’t became the class loser again. It all depends on how you want to take it. You can stop caring again and go back to the loser or you can care and participate in social activities. It all depends on you,” Laurie said.

“I just want to be alone,” said Robert. Laurie walked away in frustration. No one knew where Robert was for the next two days. He wasn’t at school and he wasn’t answering anyone’s phone calls.

The third day after The Wave ended, Robert showed up wearing his old clothes. He fell asleep in every class and just didn’t care. Laurie looked at him and said, “You are making yourself a loser when you aren’t one. The Wave wasn’t your life, it was an activity.” He glared but said nothing. Robert kept dressing like that for a few weeks and he went back to his lazy self. One day his brother showed up to school and everyone was admiring him. Robert and he started to talk about what was going on. Then a pep rally for the school was going on and Robert’s brother was asked to speak at it. He did, but not about himself, but about his brother.

“My brother has had to live in my shadow. He isn’t me and I’m not him, but he is my brother so show him some respect.”

The crowd was in awe of what he had said. Even Robert was shocked because he wasn’t expecting it, but it also made him happy to know that his brother cared so much. Later that day, Robert was treated just like he was before The Wave. He realized that it wasn’t The Wave that made him special. it was that he cared about something. All he did when The Wave was happening was changed was the way he acted towards things. So why couldn’t he do that now? He quickly changed his act, and became noticed again. Robert wasn’t popular, but he didn’t mind, he was an average teen.



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