To Kill a Mockingbird: Final Assessment for 8th Grade


Next week the eighth graders will be completing their novel study of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.  This American classic explores the trials of growing up, prejudice, and courage.  The innocence of eight-year-old tomboy Scout Finch fades as she encounters racism and ignorance in the Depression-torn South.   The eighth graders spent nine weeks on an extraordinary albeit challenging journey. We read and discussed this classic for the past couple of months.

We finish up the movie this week, and then the eighth graders will be working on a lengthy  essay to compare and contrast the book to the movie.  Their final project is to choose one of the activities listed below.  These projects are due on April 3.  The essays will mostly be completed  in class. Stay tuned to see their final essays and projects, as they will be posted on their blogs in the coming weeks.


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