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Last week the middle school visited Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.
The students were asked to describe the Wildlife Sanctuary and explain what they do there.
Then, they were asked to clarify what the mitzvah “T’zar Ba’aley Chaim” – צער בעלי חיים is.
Finally, they had to give their own opinions of whether the Catty Shack follows the mitzvah of צער בעלי חיים and explain their answers.  Here are a couple of their responses.

Home for the Big Cats

By Benjaminc on March 11, 2014 at 2:27 AM

Last week for our mitzvah trip, all the middle schoolers went to the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wildlife a logoSanctuary is a non-profit organization that gives endangered cats a safe environment for them to live in for the rest of their lives. When we got there, a lady greeted us, showed us a movie, then took us on a tour. We walked around the area with our tour guide. She did a thorough explanation about each animal. She also told us that they have a medical building on site, they feed the animals meat, and only at night.

00The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary has about 40 animals, mostly different types of cats. The animals at the ranch are born in captivity.  I know you are thinking about little furry cats. But the cats aretigerscougarslionsbobcatsleopards, and panthers. Other animals there include arctic foxes and coatimundis. About half of the animals at the Catty Shack Ranch were huge and one weighed up to 600 pounds!

The Wildlife Sanctuary also follows the mitzvah of Tzaar Baalei Chaim. Tzaar Baalei Chaim is the mitzvah of the ethical treatment of animals. That means the mitzvah is saying not to abuse animals. The ranch has four rules which are not to buy, sell, trade, or breed animals. This shows that the ranch follows the Jewish mitzvah of Tzaar Baalei Chaim. The ranch is run by volunteers who treat the animals with care, kindness, love, and give them lots of toys to play with. The sanctuary protects these animals from people who abuse them. It is horrible and unbelievable what people do to these innocent animals.

I think Catty Shack follows the mitzvah of Tzaar Baalei Chaim. The reason is they protect animals from abuse as I have said before. They treat the animals very well. Also, the animals are very healthy and get immediate medical treatment on sight if they have an injury. I think Catty Shack is one of the most qualified place to follow Tzaar Baalei Chaim.

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The Big Cat Shack


Last week on Friday, my class and I went to theCatty Shack. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been. The catty shack is a sanctuary for big cats. The shack has above 40 animals, which includes tigers, lions, and foxes. The shack isn’t your normal zoo.

It is held together with donations and maintained by volunteers. When you work at the Shack you basically help out. You would feed the tigers and maintain their cages. What the volunteers are doing is a great mitzvah. One is “tzaar baalei chayim” which means the ethical treatments of animals.

This mitzvah of “tzaar baalei chayim” is to be kind and gentle to animals. One example of “tzaar baalei chayim” is bringing a cat home from a shelter and feeding it and maintaining its health. The opposed is to leave the cat mess with the cat and hurt it. The shack is showing the mitzvah by helping the adopted lions and taking care of them. We also did a mitzvah by coming there.

Each ticket in goes to the animals food. In this case it was a win, win.One Of the tigers, horribly drawn

My Experience at the Cat Sanctuary

Last week, on Friday, for our mitzvah trip, we went to the “Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.” The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is a living place for big cats. Every cat that lives there is not wild and will live there forever. All of the staff there takes very good care of the animals and make sure they get all of what they need.

The is a mitzvah of “T’zar Ba’aley Chaim” is the ethical treatment of all animals. I think it is very obvious that the volunteers at the sanctuary very much support it. As an organization they also represent do represent “T’zar Ba’aley Chaim.” They do this by letting anyone financially adopt an animal there. By doing this, they make sure that every animal there gets the care they need.

Going to the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary was a very fun and educational experience. I learned a lot of new stuff there about not only cats, but also how all the animals should be treated and what they need. I would like to go back sometime in the future, maybe even volunteer once I am age eligible

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