Prisoners,Good or Bad?

This is the recent Journal topic for the Middle School.

The Aleph Institute provides services to Jewish prisoners. Why would we want to help people who are in prison? (You can write one good paragraph to answer this. Since I have already provided the link you do not need to add a hyperlink or a picture.)

Read how 6th grader, Jolie,  responded:

Prisoners,Good or Bad?

This week for my journal we have to write about the Aleph Institute. The Aleph Institute is an organization where they give education on the Torah for Jewish people, teach Jewish values, provide programs, Jewish and non-Jewish, assist everyone, give kosher food to the prisons that don’t have any, and they practice Judaism. The reason for all of the Jewish things are so they learn things that they didn’t know before, and just because they are in prison does not mean they should give up on their religion.

Some people may think that since they are in prison they don’t deserve all of these good things, but what if they did something bad but for a good reason. Lets say that all of your family members died and you have a child and you are poor. What if you run out of food? What if you can’t take care of the baby anymore, but you love him/her so much that you just have to have him/her. So one day they go out to go buy something but everything is to expensive so then you walk away because you know that you cant afford it, but then you think of your child and how miserable they are, so they grab a can of food and they run out. They could get away with it, or not. Say you got caught now you are in prison for trying to keep your child alive that is now in a foster home. So, next time think twice before you say prisoners are evil, maybe they did something wrong, but for a good reason.

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