The Rumble By: 7th Grade

The 7th graders have been reading the novel The Outsiders  by S.E. Hinton.  We just read the chapter which included the big rumble between the Greasers and the Socs.  The students wrote newspaper articles describing this event.  Read some examples below:

By: Sarah S

New Hero Gone Bad?

A fight was seen breaking out, involving the new town hero, Ponyboy Curtis. As you may know, Curtis saved the lives of children by jumping into a burning church to rescue them. Others involved were injured and in the hospital, but one snuck out. We interviewed a nurse at Dallas Winston’s hospital, who requested to stay anonymous.

“I walked into his room, and he pulled a knife out on me! I was very scared, so I let him leave. I had no idea that he was going to a fight,” she says. Winston, along with Curtis and his brothers, were seen by our reporters tonight.

There were forty-two young men counted in total. Twenty of them, including Curtis, were already present. The rest of the fighters drove up in expensive cars. They were wearing light colored ski jackets. They seemed to have a conversation, before Curtis’s brother and an unrecognized man began fighting. That was when we saw Dallas Winston come into the fight. Suddenly, all of the fighters attacked one another.

During the fight, Curtis jumped onto a man who was attacking Winston. He was later seen trying to strangle him! They rolled onto the ground, and Curtis was kicked in the ribs by another fighter. Before he could get back up, the other side of the fighters ran way! Curtis and Winston’s group had apparently won, but were terribly injured. The two young men ran away before we could interview them, but we had one of our reporters follow them. They drove to Winston’s hospital, where we came across the information that the other hero and friend, Johnny Cade, died that night.

Another one of our reporters stayed to interview the remaining fighters. A friend of Curtis had blood gushing down his face. Another appeared to have broken multiple ribs. We had a chance to speak with the oldest Curtis brother, Darry, tonight.

“I won’t let you people take them away from me! They’re my brothers! My family!” He was interrupted by another fighter.

“We won! We beat those Socs!” Our research team is still trying to determine what he meant.

“Be quiet, Two-Bit! Don’t tell them!” said Curtis’s older brother, Sodapop. We could not get anymore information, when the entire group ran away. We still do not know what this fight’s purpose was.

As all of you are questioning, has our New Hero Gone Bad? Ponyboy Curtis, an orphaned fourteen-year old, has been growing up on the streets, causing all kinds of trouble with his friends. We thought that he had changed when rescuing those innocent children. Now, we aren’t sure what to think about Curtis. Is he still our selfless hero, or back to being a hood? Why was he at this fight? We will have more information for you about Curtis as soon as we can.


By: Noah R

The Real Ponyboy? 

Tonight a huge fight between two teenage gangs happened. Hero Ponyboy Curtis was in on the fight. Ponyboys two brothers, Sodapop and Darry, were also there along with Dallas Winston who supposivly was in the hospital. After Ponyboy’s group won he and Dallas darted from the scene. Ponyboy was bleeding from the head and seemed to be dazed.

I interviewed Darry Curtis after the fight. I:”What was the fight about?”

D:”We fought because we wanted the mess between us to end for this to finally be over.”

I:”I saw you protect Ponyboy, do you think you could have stopped him from getting hurt as bad as he did?”

D:”I completely regret letting him go. I wish he would’ve just stayed home.”

After that I went to the hospital. When I got there I thought I would see Johnny. When I got to his room they were putting his body in a bodybag. The young hero Johnny Cade had died.

We will continue to report on the Greasers and the Socs so stay tuned.

By:Rachel L

Big Fight on the Streets

Greasers Win

At 7 P.M.  Derek Hampshire was on the streets.  He hid when he saw some tough looking men, or “greasers” as Cherry Valance would say.  We interviewed Cherry Valance who gave us insight on the fight.                                                                                                                                                “The greasers are tough, and are used to fighting.  So are the Socs, but they fight with weapons often.  This was a hand to hand fight only.  No weapons were allowed.”

Hampshire said they were dressed in tight clothes and short sleeves, even though it was cold.  They all had their hair greased back.  Among them were the Curtis brothers, Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry.  Ponyboy and Johnny Cade saved children from a fire after they killed Bob Sheldon, becoming heroes.  Soon, four cars pulled up carrying twenty-two boys. They were the Socs.  They were dressed in striped or checkered shirts, with jackets or madras. One of them made sure there were no weapons allowed.  Then they started to fight.

Before the fight started, Dallas Winston showed up. He was in the hospital, but from more investigating, we found he had a knife and scared the nurse.  Then the fight really began.  They jumped on top of each other.  They were all punching each other.  Soon the Socs started to leave, and the Greasers started to celebrate.  Ponyboy and Dallas left for the hospital.  We went there and found out Johnny had died during their visit.  After this we are not sure that the Curtis brothers will stay together.


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