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Prisoners,Good or Bad?

This is the recent Journal topic for the Middle School. The Aleph Institute provides services to Jewish prisoners. Why would we want to help people who are in prison? (You can write one good paragraph to answer this. Since I have … Continue reading

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The Rumble By: 7th Grade

The 7th graders have been reading the novel The Outsiders  by S.E. Hinton.  We just read the chapter which included the big rumble between the Greasers and the Socs.  The students wrote newspaper articles describing this event.  Read some examples below: … Continue reading

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8th Grade Journal Responses

Smoking. Is it Permitted? Filed Under: Blog by max.m — Leave a comment February 10, 2014 Last week in school we had a red ribbon week.  Red Ribbon Week is a week that promotes good he alt, and is primarily towards drugs.  There … Continue reading

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Excellent Journal Writing

This week’s Journal assignment was the following: Read these students’ responses: Yes or No to Tobacco? Posted on February 10, 2014  By: Jamie B If I had to write a responsa to a “Wannabe Smoker,” this is how it would go … Continue reading

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Update for Speed Geeking Participants

On Wednesday, February 12, our “Speed Geeking” participants will do a short demonstration for Ms. Hallett, Ms. Gutterman, and Mrs. Teitelbaum.  After the demonstrations are complete, the teachers will choose the final participants for the visit to UNF in April. … Continue reading

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