November Chai Reading Report


DUE DATE: November 21

AR tests to be completed by November 22

6th grade: Genre is fantasy

7th grade: Cross by Day, Mezuzah by Night

8th grade: Genre is a classic

  Whichever of the following options you choose, there must be a corresponding blog post explaining what book you read and an explanation of the activity you have completed (with images).

  1. Notable Quotables
  • For this activity you need to write down any exact quotations from the main or other characters, quotes that stand out to you as very thought provoking. You need to explain why that quote is important to the story. For this project, you’ll need at least five direct quotes that are meaningful.

2.   Going Graphic: Visual Stories

  • You take the main idea of the story and sum it up in a few sentences. Then, create about an eight-frame comic or graphic novel-style page where you draw the action and add dialogue.  Just think of what two pages looks like in a graphic novel. Use an app to create your comic so that it can be posted to your blog.

3.   Character Traits

  • Select one character from the book and then answer the following questions:

What traits does this character have that I do not have?                                                            What traits do I have that the character does not have?                                                                     What traits do the two of us share?

Consider all kinds of traits — physical appearance, personality, character, outlook on life, and so on. Use a Venn diagram to organize your thinking about your personal traits and those of the character you selected.

Write a description of the traits that are similar and different to you. Be sure to include examples.

4. Now You’re Cooking!

  • Make an edible book report! Locate a recipe for a food dish that plays a role in the book or one that represents the setting of the book. Share the food with your classmates; explain how the dish relates to the book read. Be sure to follow our kosher rules.

5. Mapping a Book

  • Create a map highlighting places described in the story. Many of the maps features should be based on information provided by the books author. The map might show the immediate neighborhood or community in which the book takes place; if the author offers ample description of the home or another place as the central setting for the book, then your maps might detail that place. In most cases, the completed maps will involve some conjecture on the part of the mapmaker. Explain your reasoning in writing.
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