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Last week, each of our middle school classes wrote about the different mitzvah trips they experienced.  The 6th graders went to the Second Harvest food bank and bagged food for the homeless.  The 7th graders went to Mount Herman, a school for disabled children.  The 8th graders went to a variety of places to complete mitzvahs.  They each wrote about the meaning of this quote by Shimon (son of Rabban Gamliel)  “It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world.”

Here are a couple of their posts. Leave a nice comment.

6th Grade: Jamie

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7th Grade: Sydney T

The Amazing Mitzvah of Helping the Disabled.

On Friday, my seventh grade class and a few eighth graders toured a school for the disabled. The school is located in Jacksonville Florida, North Side, and it is called Mount Herman.
At Mount Herman, children approximately the ages of two to twenty two, with different disabilities, come to this school. Surprisingly enough, the school wasn’t built for the disabled. It was built like a normal school would have been built. Since the school isn’t built correctly, the children have to keep their wheelchairs outside of the classrooms. It was incredible to meet and see these children. I expected that most children wouldn’t be able to communicate at all, which was the case with many children, but I also expected the children to be younger than they were. I realized that once I got there, everyone was so nice, and so caring for these children. It is so sad that people have to suffer through these diseases.

I am very excited to work with these kids and get to know them. They seem like they are interested in many different things, but because of their diseases, they can’t explore and see what they are. They want to be normal, they don’t want to be treated based on their diseases, but it is the way they were born. I want to spend time with them and just talk to them, play with them, and see the smiles on their faces.

If you don’t know, this is a very important Mitzvah because we are showing the children that we care about them, even if they don’t know it. We should show our respect toward them and treat them based on  their age. I hope that one day when you are working with the disabled too, that you will treat them right.



8th Grade: Joshua F.

599px-The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Shimon, the son of Rabban Gamliel said the quote; “It is not what one says, but rather what one does that makes all the difference in the world.” This verse means to me that everything we do impacts the world one way, or another.  If we do Tikkun Olam, we will make this world a better place. Shimon HaTzadik said, “On three things the world stands. On Torah, on service, and on acts of loving kindness.” If we do Tikkun Olam and follow Shimon HaTadik’s quote, then the world will be preserved for future generations of humans.

SONY DSCI think all countries should be a democracy, or a democratic republic because everybody should be able to vote on what they believe in and have rights. If people who are hungry now have a well paying job, then nobody would be hungry because people would have the money to buy food. If we give to other people, then they will also give to others. I think if everyone did more mitzvot and help save the environment, then the world will be saved.





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