Chai Reading

Each of the middle school classes are working on reading their first novel for the year.  Both 6th and 7th graders are reading classics, while 8th graders have the freedom to choose their own genre this quarter.  Many of the students have completed their first novels, and have already started their second books so they can reach their AR goals on time.

The first Chai Reading Requirements include the following:

  • Complete an AR test on your novel
  • Write a Blog post about your book and include all of  the following information by October 10:
  1. Author and title of the book
  2. Short summary of the book without giving away too much
  3. Rate the book out of 5 stars and explain why
  4. Explain what type of audience would enjoy this novel
  5. Include hyperlinks and images (sited properly)
  6. Tag the post as Reading, your grade level, Language Arts
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