Signing Off for Summer

6th Grade Update by: Nava K.

Last week in LA, we made a jeopardy game as a review of all the grammar that we did this year. So this week, we played it. We played the game and finished it after 2 days. The game was our review. Friday was our “test” and next year we’ll see if we need to redo any lessons.

One Final Blog Post and Update From The 2017-18 7th Grade

By: Courtney C.

This week in language arts we finished our book, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is a book based in Mississippi and it is about a black family that faces racism and hard times. If you want to know what happens in the book, go read it! After we finished, we had a discussion about the various themes and symbols in the book. We were just assigned to work on a three-paragraph essay. We get to choose a topic out of the three we were given.

As the school year comes to an end, Mrs. T and a couple of other teachers have been packing to move their classrooms to the upstairs or downstairs.  Next week will be a fun filled last week of school! I hope you enjoyed reading these blog posts and updates. See you next year!

Speak and Speeches by: Jack H.

This week in 8th grade Language Arts with Mrs. Teitelbaum, we continued to read our books for the class, with the boys reading the book The Accident by Todd Strasser and the girls reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The boys will be finishing the book by tomorrow (Friday) and having their final discussions then, and the girls will finish their book by Monday with their final discussions being sometime next week.

We’ve also been working on our graduation and memorial speeches that we will read during our graduation ceremony. Each student wrote about a topic that connects to their time here at the MJGDS elementary and middle school, and each student also wrote a memorial for one or many of the people who have sadly passed away during our time here.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the Reading Challenge

Week of May 14-18

How to Interview and Grade People Who Don’t Really Exist by: Talia Z.

Last week in 6th grade language arts, we started working on a project for our books. My group read the Six Day Hero book. We had 7 different projects that we could choose from. We had to do 3 out of the 7. These were the three that I did: An interview with one of the characters and their response being what you think they would say, a report card for one of the characters based on their character traits with examples from the story, and a brochure for the place that the story takes place in.

I enjoyed doing this for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons being that it lets you use your imagination and creativity. I interviewed the main character’s father for my first project. Then I did a report card for the main character’s little brother, and a brochure for Jerusalem. I think it was fun and educational. For instance, before reading the book, I didn’t know about Ammunition Hill and the war. Now, I know about a museum that they have there for it. I also know that my mother played there as a child. I know more about the Six Day War then I ever did before. These are my reasons for why I enjoyed doing this project so much.

Seventh Grade Is Ready to Read! by: Daisy H.

Hi everyone! While Mrs.T and the eighth graders were having a blast in NYC, the sixth and seventh graders were still in school! So all week we had Mrs. Burkhart as our language arts teacher. On Monday, we started the week off with half of Bellwork #17. Bellwork is practice on different types of language arts topics. We went over possessive pronouns and antecedents, grammar review, reference text, and homonyms. We also started reading chapter seven in our read-aloud book called Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. The book is about a black girl named Cassie and her family and the struggles of being black in the 1930s.

We continued to practice more skills during the week including the following: analogies, spelling practice, figurative language, context clues, editing, and word classification. We also continued reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry aloud as a class. Overall, we had a great week and I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a happy Shavuot!

Week of May 21-25

In Language arts this week we shared our projects. We made Diary entries from characters, brochures on sites in the book, report cards for characters, interviews with characters and board games based on the two books we read.  There were two different groups: there was the One More River group and the Six-Day War Hero group. Each of these projects was individually done. One More River and the Six-Day War Hero are two books written by two separate authors which we read in class and recently finished. They were really good and interesting.  By: Evan W.

Roll of Summer, Hear my Cry by: Aidan K.

             In class this week, we read Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry (again).  I finished the book while my classmates read chapter 7-10. I would say that this book gets 3.5/5 stars. It was a good book, but not my favorite book of all time. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I liked the ending of the book a lot. Pretty much, the book ended with T.J. in jail getting ready to be hanged or chain ganged, and there is the fact that the Grangers lost some land to the fire (so did the Logans) and everyone was peaceful.

Aside from ROTHMC we did bell work in class. Now that school is almost up and the summer is upon us, I can finally state my opinions of the things we did in class. I think that all of the bellwork we did was good practice for all of the tests we had to do because we had to finish on time. All in all most of the stuff we do is important.

Our Last Books by: Ben D.

Hello, everyone. This week in Language Arts, our 8th Grade class started our class books. The girls started reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and the boys started reading The Accident by Todd Strasser. Both of these books have sensitive topics which will help us to learn about personal responsibility and how to be advocates for ourselves in the future.

The grammar unit we are learning is Unit 11. Unit 11 is about pronoun problems. Pronoun problems involve knowing which pronoun to choose in certain sentences. In most situations, you just figure out what sounds right, but there are exceptions. For example, in the sentence, “My brother and (I/me) went to the park on Sunday,” you need to remove the words, “my brother,” and then see what makes sense. The correct answer is I. Also, in the sentence, “To (who/whom) am I speaking?” you just use the rule that says that who is giving and whom is receiving. The correct answer is whom. Another example can be found in the sentence, “(We/Us) as the faculty demand a higher salary.” In this sentence, you remove the words, “as the faculty.” Thank you for reading, and I will see you next week.

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The End of the Year is Upon Us

The Sixth Grade Readers and Writers

          This week in Language Arts, The Six- Day Hero and the One More River groups   finished their books. For each chapter that we read we create one multiple choice question and one short answer question. A short answer question is where the answer to the question is two to three sentences long. We also had pick 5 words from our vocabulary list and do word art for each word. Word art is where you turn a word into art. (There is an example in the picture below.)

Since we have finished the grammar worksheets we started doing bellwork practices. Bellwork practices review several different grammar skills from the entire year. For example: up- down : sad- _____ what goes on the blank (happy).  I can’t wait to see what we’re doing next week; till next time.

By: Masha B.

7th Grade Update

This whole week was crazy in Language Arts. To start off the week, we continued to read the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. Most of the class has gotten through chapter six! Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, more than half the class was taking the EOC. So, congrats to them for finishing the EOC!

We are sadly coming to a close on our 2017/2018 school reading challenge! For the reading challenge, there is Bronze (20 books 2 genres), Silver (30 books 3 genres) Gold (40 books 4 genres) and lastly Platinum (50 books 5 genres). We also have our second book for the 4th nine weeks due tomorrow. All in all, we have had a crazy week!


Reading, Vocab, Essays Oh my! By Samantha L

Welcome back to our  8th grade week! In 8th grade we had an eventful week; we learned a new subject on Monday and finished up our persuasive essays. The new lesson was teaching us when to use; us and we, I and me, and who and whom. Whom is receiving and who is giving. Let’s do an example: Jenna is better at math than (me/I). Take out “at math” and it’s simple to figure out. Jenna is better than (me/I). It’s Jenna is better than me.

On Tuesday, we went over the ‘I and me’, ‘we and us’, and ‘who and whom’ again. We also continued to finish the rest of our essays for the ones who didn’t on Monday. The ones who did finish on Monday got to free read.

On Wednesday we practiced our new lesson some more and then voted for a free read day. Each of us got to read our book and we all enjoyed it. Thanks Mrs. Teitelbaum!

On Thursday we all posted our essays and commented on each others, but only after we practiced our lesson again! Each and everyone’s essay was different! Mine was a persuasive essay about not wearing uniforms. We then were given our new vocabulary words for our new books! The boys are reading The Accident and the girls are reading Speak.

Thanks so much for checking in! I hope you enjoyed my recap of the 8th grade week.

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Colorful Week in Language Arts

6th Grade Language Arts

Blog Post- Lily D.

This week in language arts, we took a quiz on subject-verb agreement. Subject-verb agreement is a set of grammar rules that makes sure the correct verb is used in a sentence. Here is an example sentence:

Abby and Brian (is/are) walking to the library.

Abby and Brian are the two subjects which means you use the plural verb “are”.  Here is another example:

Either ice cream or apple pie (is/are) my favorite food.

Apple pie is the subject nearest to the verb so you would say “apple pie is my favorite food.

Part of our class is reading a book called One More River. It is written by Lynne Reid Banks. One More River takes place during the 1960s in Israel. It is about a girl named Lesley who moves to Israel. She meets a boy named Mustapha who owns a donkey named Eeyore.

The other half of our class is reading a book called The Six- Day Hero. It is written by Tamar Stien. It is about a boy named Motti who lived during the time of the Six Day War and is all about his life.

Colors of Seventh Grade by: Danny B.
This week in language arts we read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. The book is about an African American family who lives in Mississippi in 1933. The Logan family owns a farm, Cassie’s mom is a teacher and her dad lays railroad tracks in Louisiana. Cassie and her siblings are sick of the bus that takes white kids to school splattering them with mud. They dig a ditch and fill it with water so when the bus runs over it, it will get stuck. Their plan works. That night, night riders come. We also started writing a reflection on what we’ve read so far about our novel. Thursday was Color Wars.
We also worked on our pronoun-
antecedent agreement.
There are a few rules to this. Rule one is that a pronoun must agree with its antecedent in number and gender. For example: Garry left his math book in his locker. Since Gary is a male, we use his. Rule number two is you need to know if the sentence is talking about multiple people or one person. For example: a musician must be in command of his/her instrument. It’s his/her because it’s one musician and we don’t know their gender. Rule number three is that if there are singular indefinite pronouns, then it’s always singular. For example: Each of the students left his/herbook behind. Since the word “each” is a singular indefinite pronoun we make it his/her. The fourth rule states that if it’s “either… or” we pick the pronoun closest to the antecedent. For example Neither Justin nor Ben brought his book. Since Ben is male, we use his. The last rule is that when referring to a group, use it or its. For example: the team did not achieve all of its goals for the season. Since team is a group, we use its. On Wednesday we took our quiz on these rules.

A Very Busy Week in 8th Grade Language Arts by: Julia D.

This was an eventful week in Eighth Grade Language Arts. Every morning we have been doing a daily grammar practice. This chapter has been teaching us when to use they, his, her, its, or his or her, depending on the antecedent closest to it. On Thursday, we had a grammar pop quiz for the whole chapter.

We have also been working on our argumentative essays for a couple weeks. Most of our essays have been written, so this week we worked on the conclusion and  peer conferences.  On Monday, we finished up the body of the essay. For the next few days, we learned the correct way to write a conclusion and worked on it. Then, we had peer conferences with another student and fixed typos.

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NJHS, Habijax, and Joining Communities

Amazing Language Arts in 6th by Jacob G.

This week in Language Arts we have done a couple things. The first thing we have done is work on our grammar work. Right now we are are reading the books One More River and Six Day Hero. One More River is about a rich Jewish family that lives in Canada, and the dad wants to emigrate to Israel. When they emigrate to Israel, the six day war starts. I am not really sure what the other book is about because I am in the One More River group.

Another thing we have done this week in in language Arts is our grammar lessons. Right now we are learning about subject -verb agreements. If it was talking about one thing the verbs would end in an S. If it was talking about multiple things, then the verb would not end in an S. For example: One of the girls are asking  for help.

That would be wrong; it would be One of the girls is asking for help.

LA Homework Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Yosef B.

On Monday, the seventh grade finished up projects for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We did projects about the time period this book takes place. We did this so we could get an understanding of what’s happening during this period in time. On Tuesday, we presented our projects to the class. Every group had a different subject to present. On Wednesday, we started reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and did 10.2 in our grammar unit. On Thursday we read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and we did 10.3 in our grammar unit.

Language Arts Times in 8th Grade by: Austin G.

This week in Language Arts we started to work on argumentative essays. We did this last year as well, but I am really happy we are doing it again. In class we learned what a thesis is and how to get information for our essays. We first had to find articles for our argument by going online. Then when we found our articles, we printed them out and highlighted sentences that supported our argument. Then we started writing our essays. My argument is: I believe that Uber should have a better program to keep their drivers and passengers safe.

In grammar we are learning how to use pronouns in a sentence.

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We Celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day!

Books, Blue and White, and a Blast by Maddie M.

This week in language arts, 6th grade began reading two books called The Six Day Hero and One More River. We had a lot of fun this week continuing to learn about indefinite pronouns, prepositional phrases, and singular and plural verb usage. For example, if you said the following: The herd of sheep walk slowly, that would be incorrect. You would say The herd of sheep walks slowly because ‘of sheep’ is a prepositional phrase, and you never find the subject(s) of a sentence in that. The subject is herd, and herd is singular, so it would be walks.

This week was also Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day. On Thursday, we had a series of rotations including art, architecture, technology, food, singing, dancing, and sports all from Israel. In language arts, we also learned about proper grammar. If you said Tim and Mike is going to the beach, that’s incorrect. Of course, it doesn’t sound right either, and you would automatically assume it should be are, which is correct. Not always does it sound funny though. If I said Strength and courage ‘is’ needed to fight a dragon, that would be wrong. It should be ‘are’ because using ‘and’ to join two subjects makes it plural.

7th Grade Post by: Ava J.

This week in seventh (7th) grade we did a lot of fun stuff. On Monday we finished presenting our word art. If you don’t know, word art is literally word art. You take a word and turn it into its definition with drawings. You also can put the part of speech and actual definition on the paper. On Tuesday, and the rest of the week seventh was missing a piece. Our fellow classmate, Aleeya, had knee surgery. Our prayers go out to her and hope she recovers quickly. Also we hope she returns to school soon. Besides that, we learned that we had a project for our class book Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by: Mildred D. Taylor. We would be partnered up in groups of two to three to create a presentation on the background research for the book. In class, we read pre-made packets (thanks Mrs.T) to learn the topics for our project.

On Wednesday, it was Yom Hazikaron/Israel’s Memorial Day. So our middle school  did a service/program for all those you wished to come. But in class, we started to make our presentations. On Thursday, it was very chaotic! That’s because it was Yom Haatzmaut/Israel Independence day. Israel turned 70! Can you believe it! So, our day was  packed with tons of activities for Yom Haatzmaut. Therefore, our schedule was a little bit messed up. But in class, we continued to work on our presentation with our partner(s). We also found out our presentations will be due on Monday. Finally, on Friday our first independent book was due. 

Into The World of Eighth Grade by: Allie B.

Welcome back to eighth grade! This week we have commenced researching for our argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a type of writing were you defend a position on a topic. You defend your topic using research. We had to find at least three articles to support our side and one counter argument, defending the other side. Within each paragraph we will have a supporting example, a counter argument, and a reason why the counter argument is wrong.

In grammar, we have been learning about shifts in verb tense. We have focused on four basic rules.

  1. If you are writing about two events that are happening at the same, be consistent with the verb tense.


Incorrect: Workers are installing extra loudspeakers because the music in tonight’s concert would need amplification

Correct: Workers are installing extra loudspeakers because the music in tonight’s concert will need amplification.

  1. Stay away from unneeded shifts of tenses.


Incorrect: My dog sat in the front seat of my car and barks at a biker.

Correct: My dog sat in the front seat of my car and barked at a biker.

  1. When a conditional event arises in the present, then the outcome will occur in the future.


Incorrect: If I past the test, I will have an “A” in the class.

Correct: If I pass the test, I will have an “A” in the class.

  1. When talking about an event that MIGHT HAVE occured in the past, you must use “would” to describe the feasible result.


Incorrect: If I had passed the test, then I will have an “A” in the class.

Correct: If I had passed the test, then I would have an “A” in the class.

We have two birthdays this week! Happy Birthday Isa and יום הולדת Israel!

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Welcome Back Week!

Middle Schoolers all worked in collaborative groups to complete Israeli Trivia!  It was a race to the finish!











Wonderful Week in 6th Grade!

This week in, language arts, we started a new topic in grammar, and we started to learn about the 6 Day War. In grammar we learned more about the subject and the verb in a sentence. We learned that sometimes we have to take away the prepositional phrases to find the subject of the sentence. It was a little tricky, but we figured it out!

We are starting two new books to read for this semester and they are both about the 6 Day War. We had a project that had to do with the 6 Day War. There were 3 groups that were doing the project which included these topics: why and where did the war start and take place, the countries involved in the war and the reasons, and the aftermath of the war. Then, there was one group that did a project on kibbutzim. I never knew what a kibbutz was, so it was really fun to learn about them.

On Thursday we also had a Holocaust survivor come to speak to the whole middle school in honor of Yom Hashoah. The speaker told us that he was very young when the war started. He was just two months old! I learned about the forgotten cemetery, where he and his whole family were sent. I learned a lot more about the Holocaust, and it was cool to meet another survivor of the Holocaust.

By: Elliana T.

7th Grade

This week was the first week back to school since spring break. On Monday we did word art with our new vocabulary words from the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry which we will starting next week. On Tuesday we continued to work on our word art and we worked on perfecting our argumentative essays; we used a website called peg writing. Peg writing shows you all the mistakes and gives you lessons and evaluations on your essay, so you can improve your essay. On Wednesday we presented our word art to the class. On Thursday we continued to work on our essays and we did the lessons on how to perfect it.  On Friday, we will make corrections to our essays.

This week we also started a new grammar section. We are learning about pronoun agreements. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of nouns. The group of words that the pronoun refers to is called the antecedent, but there are also articles that you can use if nothing else fits such as: A, An and The.

If the sentence was:
Can you tell her the great news? The answer is her. Ex. Alexa and Hayden are going to school, and after Hayden is going to go to the park with his sister. It all fits. A pronoun must agree with its antecedent in number and gender. by: Aleeya S.

I’m Sure this Title can Persuade You to Read this Post…8th grade

This week was our first week back from Spring Break. We began a new grammar unit and started working on our persuasive essays. The new grammar unit is all about tenses and using the correct word. For example:

  • Mark loves to watch movies but he hated going to the movie theater.

The problem with this sentence is that the verb tenses are different. To make the sentence correct, you need to make the second verb match the tense of the first verb.

  • Mark loves to watch movies but he hates going to the movie theater.
  • If I win the lottery, I would take a vacation.

The problem with this sentence is that “would” is used in a hypothetical situation that could have happened, but didn’t (ex. If I had won the lottery, I would have taken a vacation). “Will” is the proper word in this sentence because it is in the future tense.

  • If I win the lottery, I will take a vacation.

So far in the persuasive essay process, we have chosen the topics we would like to write about, not necessarily the ones we will write about, and made a “for and against” list. Below is an example. We filled up both sides of our lists.

                                  Should a New Library be Built in Town?

   For                                                                                 Against

With the growth of the population, a larger        The  building of a new library is expensive.  library with more books and computers is needed.     

By: Abigail F.

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A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Our third book for the nine weeks was due today.  We had to have our chart updated and our projects completed.

The Giver finale by: Sam K.

This week in 6th Grade English with Mrs. Teitelbaum, we continued and finished reading our book The Giver by Lois Lowry. In the past few chapters, Jonas has started to contemplate his future. We were all amazed at the plot twists of this book and we all highly recommend it for everyone. We will have a test on it on Monday. I personally really liked this book and will probably end up reading the sequels.

Testing is Done, Back to the Fun 7th Grade by: Ariel O.

We’re back to school from testing, and everyone is exhausted: normal for a Monday morning. Even though testing is done, that doesn’t mean school is done too. We worked very hard this week on several projects and an essay. In Language Arts, after finishing the reading for The Night of the Burning, we began a project. We had several different options for our project such as creating a new epilogue for the book, creating a book trailer, writing new lyrics about the book as a parody to a song, or making a poem.

I chose to make lyrics, with a parody to the song “Stressed Out.” It turned out that making a parody isn’t as easy as it seems. First getting the words to match, and then singing them while staying on tune was “quite a pickle.” During the same days that we worked on our projects, we also worked on an argumentative essay. Everyone in the class chose a topic that they felt strongly about and made it into an argument. In our writing, we were required to have at least three supporting details to go with our opinion. We started with a hook, hoping to grab the reader’s attention A big variety of topics were chosen. One of the topics was about how the United States is in debt. You would be surprised at how much money they owe, especially to China. Even with all the work, everyone is relieved that testing is done. We’re still settling back into our normal schedule, but we are ready for school.

A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away by: Isa Z.

In 8th grade this week, we finished up our class books. The three books the class read were: The Berlin Boxing Club, by Robert Sharenow; Copper Sun, by Sharon Draper; and Sophia’s War, by Avi. After finishing our reading, annotating, and answering questions, each group will meet with Mrs. Teitelbaum to talk about the book. Afterwards, we’ll talk with our own group about the book. Then, each group will start their book project. For The Berlin Boxing Club group, they have to write an essay on a topic they choose. For the Copper Sun group, they have to write three short essays. For the Sophia’s War group, they have to make a new cover of the book with a Google presentation of the book.

Since the third quarter is coming to an end, our class hasn’t focused on any grammar or English lessons. However, each reading group will be taking a quiz on the second section of vocabulary words they were assigned for the book they’re reading. We will be completing our final three grammar units during the fourth nine weeks.

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Preparing for Take-Off or Just Testing…

ITBS Test Prep in 6th by: Nava K.

     This week in 6th grade, we were preparing for standardized testing. In class Mrs. Teitelbaum taught us Usage of words. Usage of words is the spelling of words and using the right words. She also taught us about correct punctuation and correct capitalization. This way we will understand what each section of the test is asking us.

The Center of Attention in 7th by: Aiden K.

This week was standardized testing preparation; Mrs. Teitelbaum had us doing all types of review and learning. For example, did you know that there are two different letters that you write (nowadays, people type, not write anything) to people? One is called a “friendly letter”, a friendly letter is when you write (type) a letter to a friend that is friendly that you start off with a comma after the greeting like this :  

Dear Mrs. Teitelbaum,

I would rather be sleeping tha doing this…….etc.

As opposed to a “formal” letter that you would write for business that has a colon after the person’s name, like this:

Dear Mrs. Jones:

In class we also read more of The Night of The Burning. (Spoiler Alert) We read a part where Devorah (the main character) made a friend after about two years of not having any (besides her orphanage friends). After going through the tragedy of losing everyone she ever knew except her sister, Devorah was then separated from her sister at an orphanage. If I were in her shoes (they would probably be too tiny),  I think I would’ve made a friend a lot sooner because honestly, I am an extrovert that loves to be the center of attention. Whether its for good or bad things, I love to be noticed and the center of attention.

8th Grade’s Incredible Week by: Noam B.

 This week we are practicing for the ITBS test that we will be taking next week. One tip we have learned this week includes the process of elimination which is a method where you have to eliminate some answers and find the best of those answers. We have also reviewed punctuation, word usage, and capitalization.

In class, we are all divided up into three reading groups. The first group is reading Copper Sun , the second group is reading Berlin Boxing Club, and the third group is reading Sophia’s War. Each book is a type of historical fiction. Everyday we read about 20- 30 pages in class and what is not finished in class is homework. We also annotate information as we read. I am in the Copper Sun group. Copper Sun is a book about slavery, and I think it’s a very interesting book so far. Each group has a different set of vocabulary words to learn.

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Chag Sameach!






Semi-colons and Colons by: Maya L.

On Monday we started the week off by reading more of our book, The Giver. We read about doing your volunteer hours at the House of the Old and that it is normal to bathe someone who is elderly. When we read this it made me feel uncomfortable.

 On Tuesday we reviewed semi-colons and colons.We did that by having a review “quiz” that wasn’t graded. I corrected what was wrong on the quiz and took it home to study. Then on Wednesday, we took the test and I feel that I might get a good grade.

The 7th Grade is Ready to State Their Argument by: Moe J.

This week in Seventh Grade Language Arts, we began learning about how to properly write an argumentative paper. We learned about the different components needed in an argumentative paper. First we have the opener. In the opener we need the thesis to explain what is going to be argued, and we need the hook to attract the reader’s attention. After that, we need are three or more reasons to explain why we are correct, and our conclusion to restate our reasons and our thesis. Once we finish learning how to write an argumentative paper we will write one ourselves.

In our book The Night of the Burning, we learn that the main character Devorah and her sister Nechama are going to be split up in an orphanage. In class, we had an argumentative debate on if orphanages should be allowed to split up families if they find a home for one of them but not the other. We also chose what topic we would be doing for our argumentative paper and started doing research to prove our point. This week we also celebrated Purim. Happy Purim.

Just Read a Book by: Allie B.

The more that you read the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go! -Dr. Seuss

In 8th grade, we had a choice of three books to read. Copper Sun by Sharon Draper, Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow, and Sophia’s War by Avi. Copper Sun is set in Africa in 1738. Amari was captured from her village and sold to a bidder. Berlin Boxing Club is about Max Schmeling, a Jewish teen, coming of age in Nazi Germany between 1934 and 1939. With these struggles, he also pursues his passion of boxing. Sophia’s War is based on the Revolutionary War. With these books, we will be answering questions and completing multiple writing assignments, along with learning new vocabulary words.


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