Planet Invasion

Some classes are learning about planets and the solar system so Planet Invasion was a great way to incorporate it into PE.  Each team of students was given a planet and they needed to protect their valuable items from floating throughout the solar system.  This game not only helped with remembering the names of the planets but also increased their heart streaming movie The Woman Who Left 2017

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Middle school has been working on hockey.  This game requires perseverance, team work and the demonstration of proper technique to become successful.

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Hula Hut Relay

Students in grades K-5 were challenged in hula hut relays.  There were several levels to complete.  They first had to learn how to build a hula hula.  Then they sent each member of their team through their hut with their belly button facing the ground.  After each team completed that level, they again were sent through their hut but with the belly button facing the ceiling.  The fourth level had the students guide a teammate through their hut blindfolded.  They could not touch or move the hula hut to assist them.  The students had to cooperate with one another and use their verbal and listening skills to complete the task.

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This week, students practiced their alphabet while playing the game skully.  Dexterity is needed to move their caps from letter to letter in this fast paced game of skill.

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Volleyball is a great sport to demonstrate how physical activity can be a positive learning opportunity for social and group interaction.

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Playing marbles is a great way to learn fine motor skills while recognizing the importance of practicing to improve performance.

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Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Students in grade 3-8 participated in the PYFP this week.  Students were assessed to determine their aerobic capacity (1 mile run), abdominal strength and endurance (sit-ups), trunk extensor strength and flexibility (trunk lifts), upper body strength and endurance (push-ups) and flexibility (sit and reach).  This was a pre-test.  They will complete the program again towards the end of the year to determine how much improvement they have made throughout the school year.

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PE can be fun, increase students heart rates and incorporate math skills while playing the card game War. Students had to determine which card was higher and then run to either get a popsicle stick (point) or to put the cards away.  The faster the students ran, the more of the game thay were able to play.

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Elementary students learned to differentiate between movement in person and general space while playing scavengers.  The object of the game is to find as many bean bags under the dome cones as possible.  They first had to decide which area of the gym to go to and then narrow in on the specific dome cone to look under.  Although scavengers had a bit luck involved, students must remember where they and other students looked already; similar to the game memory.  It’s wonderful to see how successful each student became.

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Did you know that the game of kick ball, originally called kick baseball, was invented by the Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds, Nicholas C. Seuss, in 1917? The game was used in school settings to help children better understand the principles of the sport of baseball.

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