Game Design

4th and 5th grade students were actively engaged in designing their own PE game.  They explored essential components of game play while thinking critically about their own experiences.  Students also solved problems cooperatively in small groups.

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Team Handball

Team Handball is an invasion game that utilizes skills such as hand dribbling, the chest and overhead pass, catching, and shooting in dynamic settings.

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Musical Hula Hoops

Musical Hula Hoops is similar to Musical Chairs but with an exercise element added in.  If a student wasn’t able to make it into a hula hoop, they went to the muscle group in the center.  The muscle group performed jumping jacks until the music stopped.  The students then attempted to get into a hula hoop.

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Tu B’Shevat

Tu B’Shevat is tomorrow!  Students played Water, Fire, Trees as a way to celebrate the occasion.  The class was divided into the three groups and discussed how each group effects the other two groups in nature.  They put it into action by playing the tag game.  Water chases fire, fire chases trees and trees chase water.

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Strength and speed are critical elements in the sport of rugby.  It requires sudden bursts of power to move the ball up the field.  Way to go, middle school!

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Perfect Pass Relay

Students had an opportunity to practice throwing different types of equipment (a dodgeball, a squishy ball and a frisbee).  Each hula hoop had a specific amount of catches to make before they made it to the next hoop.  Once all their hoops were completed, they were able to move to the next level.

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Students learned about the Titanic, its demise and the ship that rescued it, the Carpathia. Some were passengers of the Titanic while others were captains.  The captains had to steer the ship away from all the icebergs to bring them to safety.  Students were also passengers and captains of the Carpathia and were assigned to rescue those from the sunken Titanic.

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Elementary students are working on soccer and the skills associated with it such as agility, speed and balance.  They also utilize quick decision making skills while reading their environment for essential clues.

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Balloon Frenzy

Early elementary students used hand-eye coordination to practice striking the balloon with different body parts.  This is to begin to prepare them for sport activities.

img_20170104_154118 img_20170104_154219 img_20170104_154319

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Middle School Cold Weather Uniform

Please remember that students are not authorized to wear leggings unless they are covered with PE shorts.  Leggings can’t be worn by themselves.

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