Color Wars

We are having Color Wars on Tuesday, June 6th from 9-11:10.  Please find your team and color so your son/daughter can wear the appropriate color.  Don’t forget to have them wear school appropriate athletic clothes and shoes (shorts should go at least to their fingertips).  Also, don’t forget to bring water bottles.

K&7    Blue

1&6     White

2&5     Red

3&4     Orange

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Stay Composed

Students were challenged to stay in a static position (yoga pose) for ten seconds.  Once they completed their task, they earned a popsicle stick to be placed in the center hula hoops.  Each team captain, whom changed frequently, had the opportunity to get a point for their team by rolling the highest number dice.  Stay composed helped strengthen their muscles and bones while playing a game to keep them fully engaged.

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Basketball increases coordination, endurance, balance and encourages teamwork.  This challenging game has many skills involved such as dribbling, passing and shooting with smooth transitions needed in between.

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Yukigassen is a Japanese snowball fighting competition.  It’s a mixture between capture the flag and dodgeball while using Florida snowballs (super 70 balls).  Students can utilize escape and invasion tactics or bunker down behind barriers while hitting moving targets. This fast paced game is easy and fun to play.

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Angry Birds

Students threw their frisbees (birds) in an attempt to knock down the pins (pigs). They were able to choose which pigs to knock down and the distance they wanted to throw.  The further back they threw their frisbee, the more points they were able to make for their team.  Teamwork, persistence and accuracy were essential to knocking the pigs down.

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When Critters Fly

Students had an opportunity to practice their throwing and aiming skills.  Differential instruction was utilized ensuring those whom had difficulty hitting a target and those whom had exceptional aim both had a chance to be successful.  Students were able to choose and hit targets at different lengths of range to earn points for their team while utilizing their math skills.

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Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Please remember to bring sneakers next week.  3rd-8th grade are participating in the PYFP.  Good luck!

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Castle Pool

Castle Pool is a throwing, catching and blocking game that incorporates strategy and communication skills.  Students need to knock down all seven bowling pins before they take down the castle (dome).  They can’t take the castle until last or the other team will win.

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Preamble Scramble

Elementary students were learning about the Preamble in their classrooms.  This was a good opportunity for PE to assist by making it into a game.  Students ran to the other side of the gym to retrieve words.  They then ran back to their hula hoop and attempted to find the correct spot in the Preamble.  Once all the words were correctly placed, the game ended.

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Boundball is a great game for both beginner and advanced students to understand the basics of net/wall games.  It helps develop volleying skills, encourages movement and enhances court awareness.

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