Music Theory Terms

Staff – Set of lines on which music is written, contains 5 lines and 4 spaces (see image 1)
Treble or G Clef – Symbol used to indicate pitches starting from middle C and moving UPward. Also used to indicate RIGHT hand in piano or high/female voice (see image 1)

Image 1

Bass or F Clef – Used to indicate pitches from middle C and moving DOWNward. Also used to indicate LEFT hand in piano or low/male voice

Grand Staff – Combination of the Treble staff and Bass staff joined together by brackets

Measure – Divides the staff up based on the number of beats notated in time signature

Time Signature – Set of two numbers (similar to a fraction) which indicates the meter. The top number measures the number of beats per measure. The bottom number measures the note value. (see image 1)

Whole Note – 1 note held for 4 beats
Half Note – 1 note held for 2 beats
Quarter Note – 1 note held for 1 beat
Eighth Note – 1 note held for half a beat

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