About MJGDS Music

Music is a gift.  It’s not a school subject. It’s not a luxury. It’s a gift.  A gift is defined as something acquired without compensation.  And that’s exactly what music is!  Music is everywhere, but one needs to learn how to find it.  To me, horns honking in traffic is music.  One might here it as noise, I hear an augumented chord.  The sound of the blinker in my car can be a metronome.  Yes, that clicking sound is a beat and the tapping of my fingers on the steering wheel are a drum circle. Music can be found in anything.

I asked myself, how is it that a private school with a great reputation had such a limited music program.  I’m here to improve this.  I’m here to bring the art of music to your children and in turn, I hope they introduce its beauty into your homes. My intentions are to educate students in the basics of music, as well as, incorporating the past with the present.

I’m incredibly excited because I get to fall in love with music all over again. I am looking to sharing my experience and knowledge of music with the students.  Witnessing the moment a piece of music inspires a child is the best gift in the whole world.

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