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Kickin’ It Caveman Style

Since we are in the final stages of “wacky school month” (technically known as Adar in the Jewish calendar) it would make sense to act like cavemen.  We’ve survived the Purim Carnival, Purim Shpiel, Community University, FCIS Re-Accreditation and the Middle School Play just in time for Standardized Testing week!!! What does this mean for music class?  Simply, we have had one wacky time…topped off by a lesson with cups.

This is actual music notation! Since I had to move room to accommodate the quiet zones for testing, we sat on the floor without internet access, my iPad, or smartboard and created music via cup notation.

This of course was followed by a riveting game of I Want Mangoes which then culminated in trying to notate I Want Mangoes using cups! Fun had by all!!!


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