Kindergarten Catch Up – General and Jewish Studies

Jewish studies: In the last few weeks we have learned about Yom Ha Atzmaut and Lag B’Omer. We have been reviewing the months. We love doing projects for the holidays: our flags and the birthday card for Israel! We learned the story of Lag B’Omer, Rabbi Akivah and his students, the hero bar coch-vah, and much more. The students get to color the characters of the story and be in the story themselves! They write their name in Hebrew and we are reviewing and extending our vocabulary all the time. We have started to learn about Shavuot: the name of the holiday, about the ten commandments, the bikkurim, and we learn new works about the holiday like basket, fruit, and gather of the crops. We learn about the story in the holiday too: megilat root, the temple, and how many times people go to the temple on the holidays! We made our own bikkurim with the fruit. Chag Sameach!!

General Studies: We are winding down with the school days, but we are hard at work! We have enjoyed an AMAZING career day, thanks to you!! We have been learning new amazing words each week, exploring through centers, and even building our own homes! We are very excited to be telling time in math, we are counting to 100 and soon get to explore money!!

Our last field trip to the Zoo:

Stay tuned to see how we end Kindergarten with a BANG!! We still have lots to do 🙂

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Kindergarten Catch-Up!

Talent Show:

Jewish Studies:

Passover Seder was a huge success! Todah Rabba to all who came to join us. We even cleaned all the chametz from our classroom!

We love getting to welcome Shabbat every week with our Ima and Aba, it’s so special to bring in the Sabbath with our friends.

We have been learning about Yom Ha’Atzmaut and we are excited to celebrate Israel’s birthday next week! We have been reviewing and learning new vocabulary everyday. We also get to do Hebrew centers and work on our handwriting of the Hebrew letters.


General Studies:

This month in the library, students are celebrating National Poetry Month. Students learned to recite and then perform Shel Silverstein’s poem Boa Constrictor. Enjoy the video!

We are loving reading our stories each week. We haven’t had full time in our reading centers, but we have been so busy!

We are adding and subtracting like professionals! This week we started doing both at the same time, so it’s very important for us to pay attention to the ‘adding’ or ‘subtracting’ sign in the problem. We also celebrated the 140th day of school!! We also compared our heights from the beginning of the year to now. WOW, have we grown!!!

We are very thankful to all of our mystery readers! We love getting to see our friends and visitors.

Winn-Dixie Field Trip: We had several mensches who took the school tzedakah money and shopped at Winn-Dixie. We got to have a tour of the grocery store which included tasting dragon fruit, making our own peanut butter, and even doing our own shopping! Once we had our groceries, we had a picnic lunch and then went to JFCS food pantry to deliver the food we bought.

We have a lot of exciting things happening as we get close to wrapping up Kindergarten. I can’t believe it!! We have Career Day, our field trip to the Zoo, plus much more learning!! Stay tuned 🙂

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28th and 29th Week of Kindergarten – Jewish and General studies

In Jewish studies we are getting ready for our Seder! We are practicing everyday with Morah Adva. We have our very own pretend seder plate to use while we practice! Everyone has a part and we cannot wait to share with you what we have learned. Not only are we practicing for our seder, but we are learning the story of Passover too!

We have been packing in the learning in General studies! We are so excited to continue exploring addition and next week we get to have fun with subtraction.

Our amazing words are always a blast to explore, plus reviewing our weekly sight words. We have read some wonderful stories about types of transportation! Our centers give us time to show off our growing independence 🙂

We have been spending some time with social studies the past two weeks also, what a treat!! We have learned about the 7 continents, our oceans, and the compass rose. We even made a castle by folowing compass rose directions, it also helped our listening skills!

During writing workshop we are excited to begin persuasive writing!! We started our introduction to persuasive writing by learning about hoe to make the world a better place…by WRITING!

We celebrated a couple of birthdays and had some fabulous mystery readers!! Thank you for making these memories with our kids.

Besides all the learning we do in Kindergarten, we also have fun and smile every day!!! Stay tuned to see what happens next week in Kindergarten.

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27th Week of Kindergarten – Jewish and General Studies

In Jewish studies we started the week by finishing Purim! We enjoyed getting together with the whole school to celebrate. We quickly started learning about Passover. We are learning the Haggadah and the Passover Seder. We have made our own Seder plates and matzot. We are excited to work on Passover projects for the next few weeks 🙂 We are learning new vocabulary along with the holiday.

In general studies this week we have been BUSY. We had so much fun learning about the Arctic this week. Our new amazing words lead us to learn about penguins, whales, and icebergs! We got to go to the science lab to learn about Penguins a little more. We know that Penguins have ‘blubber’ on them to help them stay warm in the arctic, so we got to feel what it was like to have our own blubber!

We also enjoyed our reading centers this week. This really gives us time to be independent learners and explore on our own!


We finished up our writing workshop stories and we are finally excited to move on to Opinion writing! We have so many books to share 🙂 We are great writers!

During math we have decided to DIVE in to number bonds. We spent the last two weeks playing with numbers bonds in a variety of hands on way. We used cubes, paper chains, squares, magnets, and more. This week we ventured into addition!! Can you believe it? We also celebrated (late) the 12oth day of kindergarten.

Todah Raba to our lovely mystery reader! What great books we got to hear, we loved them 🙂

Stay tuned to see what happens next week in Kindergarten! It is sure to be exciting!!!

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25th and 26th Week PHOTO DUMP of Kindergarten – General and Jewish Studies

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24th and 25th Week of Kindergarten – Jewish and General studies

Toda Raba to everyone who came to see us in Kindergarten Shabbat!! We were were so proud to show off all we have learned. Here are the videos and pictures from our challah baking!

This week in Jewish studies we started to talk about Purim!! We learned the story of Purim, acted it out and told it. We even had Morah Eta join in on the fun! We have been doing projects and making masks to celebrate. We learned about the 4 mitzvot of Purim: goody baskets, giving to the poor, the Purim meal, and reading the megilah. We have so much more fun ahead learning about Purim!! We are expanding our vocabulary and learning new songs.

We continue to water our plants to get ready for Pesach! We are hoping to use our leaves for the Seder plate…fingers crossed 😉

It was a big couple of weeks in Jewish studies, but we were still busy in General studies too! Our centers always get our minds ready for learning as we explore sight words and get creative with our learning.

In writing workshop we continue to write our very own ‘How-to’ pieces. We have some of our very best work displayed outside of our classroom if you’d like to see 🙂 we will be moving on to ‘opinion’ writing very soon!

It was big news in math!! We continue to practice place value with our tens and one, but we also started telling time, using our own clocks, we just briefly started number bonds, and we even introduced the Penny with Abraham Lincoln!!!

We have LOTS of exciting learning coming up. Stay tuned to watch it unfold 🙂

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23rd Week of Kindergarten – General and Jewish Studies

We continue to work on Tu B’Shevat in Jewish studies. It’s a treat for us to read a story each week about the holiday.  We enjoy taking care of our new plants and we are even seeing sprouts! We talked about ‘Choney the Circle maker’ from Israel. We wanted to have the same experience as Choney so we went outside to pray for the rain, geshem! We made our own circle and we prayed to Hashem to make it rain, and it worked!!!

We recycled some old playdough to make our very own Shkadeeya, the almond tree! We learned about lots of different types of trees in Israel and the fruit that comes from them. Along with Tu B’Shevat, we learned new Hebrew vocabulary like: seeds, roots, leaves, etc. We have also enjoyed Hebrew centers again! We get to play games, do puzzles, and work with Morah Adva to learn our sounds and vowels for the Hebrew letters.

Todah Raba to our Ima and Abba this week for Kabbalat Shabbat.

Our general studies week was busy with so much fun and learning. We started our week by reading about a chameleon named Clyde! He was silly and loved to camouflage. We enjoyed making our own camouflage chameleons and learned our amazing words, plus reviewing sight words.

During math we are getting into the nitty-gritty!!! We are really working on our ‘tens and ones’. Meaning, when we see the number ’37’ we can recognize that we have ‘3 tens and 7 ones’ or the number ’13’ tells us we have ‘1 ten and 3 ones’. 

We even got to celebrate the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!! What ahuge accomplishment for us; it was such a fun day. We counted to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and we did it several times 😉 We made 100 beaded necklaces, we did a 100 Hershey kiss hunt, and we even made a gumball machine with 100 gumballs! We enjoyed our special 100 show and tell, too.

We got to finish our exciting week with a fabulous mystery reader! It was even a Dr. Seuss book 🙂 We are excited to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March!

Stay tuned to see what happens next week in Kindergarten!

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22nd Week of Kindergarten – General Studies and a little bit of Jewish Studies

We had a hands on week of learning! Wow, are we lucky 🙂

In Reading this past week, we enjoyed learning all about seeds and the plant life cycle. Boy oh boy does it line up perfectly with Tu B’Shevat! We had fun exploring all types of seeds on our own…we even investigated a huge seed, the coconut.

We also used our height, hands, feet, and faces to make our very own sunflowers. Come check them out in the hallway 🙂

In math we have been having so much fun comparing numbers. It’s been fun for us to discuss ‘more than and less than’ while we make our matches. We now get to move on to numbers to 20 and explore some place value!! We ended our week by celebrating the 90th day of school…it got a little messy 😉

We wrote the number ’90’, we counted by 10’s and 5’s and even made our own tally marks to 90 (as a class!). Once we finished our 90 fun, we got to write our names in the shaving cream – both English and Hebrew!!

***It has come to our attention that our 100th day count is off by a week; we celebrate the 100th Day of School on Friday, February 10th. Please check your email for more details!!***

We ended our week with many surprises. We had a few friends loose their first tooth and we had a wonderful mystery reader 🙂 Mazel Tov and Todah!!!

During Jewish studies this week we are continuing to work on our Kindergarten Shabbat. We cannot wait to show you all that we are learning!!! We enjoyed planting new plants, sunflowers (we had a mishap with our last attempt).

It’s such a treat for us to be Ima and Aba each week. We love when our own Ima and Aba’s are able to join us.

Stay tuned to see what happens next in Kindergarten!

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21st Week of Kindergarten – Jewish studies AND General studies

This week we started our studies about Tu B’Shevat. We did a fun project where we made Shkedeya (blossom trees), come see them in our hallways! We also had a special visitor this week who taught us how to be ‘naturalists’ in honor of Tu B’Shevat. We even got to plant our own plant: we used cups, dirt, and seeds. We have been watering them at recess! We also got new hebrew letter books to help us learn new words, and we are starting to get better at our hebrew handwriting with our new handwriting book! It’s important for us to be bringing Tzedaka on Friday’s, too. Don’t forget!!

We are still busy preparing for Kindergarten Shabbat, February 17th. We Hope you have RSVP’d to Robyn!! We have lots of surprises to show you 🙂

In General studies we enjoy having more responsibility to lead our own morning meeting. We know to discuss the month, number date, and year. We also work on our place value with the days of school count and we even handle the weather, days of the week, and lunch count!

We loved learning about the butterfly life cycle in our story this week! We got to enjoy the journey with Marcel and Farfalina and learn our new amazing words. We have started have ‘sight word races’ which are raising the stakes in our learning 😉 Our centers proved to be quite exciting as we listening, rolled, searched, cut/glue/colored, and even compared numbers.

We have been having fun in math with our comparative sets! We are learning to make observations and sentences like ‘one more than 8 is’ or ‘one less than 4 is’. Next we get to move on to the good stuff…just wait and see!

Our big news this week was in writing workshop. We all tackled ‘how-to’ writing with the same topic. We wrote about it and then followed our own steps to make it a reality 🙂

Thank you to those friends who were able to come to our Shema at Bedtime program. What a treat to be in our PJ’s!

It’s a treat for us to ed each week with a special visitor for Mystery Reader. Boy are we lucky!!

Stay tuned to see what we get in to later this week in Kindergarten! Keep your eyes open, we are beginning to learn about camouflage 😉

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20th Week of Kindergarten-General AND Jewish Studies

We had a short week! Luckily, we had lots to do to get ready for Kindergarten Shabbat! See flyer below, we hope to see you there. DON’T FORGET TO RSVP!!!


We are continuing to learn about the Winter. It’s great that we are able to continuously review our letters, numbers, and prayers. We started to talk about Tu B’Shevat and got to learn some new songs!


What a big week in General Studies! We started our week with a new story! We read about two twins and how they (and we) grow and change! We are excited to explore this more as we continue in our unit.



During writing workshop we talked about ‘how-to’ writing. When we are writing a ‘how-to’ piece, we have to explain and number each step of directions. We also have to rely on our pictures to help give directions.



Our most exciting news this week was in math; we started our new math book!!!! We have moved on to math book B and we are on a roll!!!  We are so excited to explore number bonds, start adding and subtracting, plus time and money 🙂 We also had a lot of fun this week with our 80 party. Can you believe there are only 20 more days until we get to celebrate the 100th day?!

We are lucky that we have such amazing resources each week! In PE we get to play silly games that test our teamwork, and in music we get to explore different instruments 🙂


Sometimes we get to take a break from our classroom and have a hands on experience in our surroundings. For example, there was some construction happening this week at school! There were new pipes (or something) being layed underground. As our window was right by the action, we got to watch the whole process and we had to get a closer look.It was so cool to feel the machines working under our feet!

We always love ending our week with visitors for Kabbalat Shabbat and our Mystery Readers. Toda Raba to everyone who always helps to make us smile 🙂

Stay tuned to see what happens next week in Kindergarten!

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