Graphic Designer

 - by shana.gutterman

Written by Jolie, Graphic Designer, 7th grade

In our game, Race to the Red Sea, I was working as the graphic designer. I, personally, loved doing this. I don’t think I could have gotten a better job. I have always loved to draw, at school, during free time, or just whenever. I don’t think I will ever stop loving art, but I don’t think it is a good career choice. It probably won’t supply me the things I need when I am older. So, I don’t think I will do this as my job. I am not an adult yet. So, for now, I am going to continue to drawing.

In this game, I made a lot of the art. I made the palace, the elephant, the frog, the shield, the clown, the lice shampoo, the lion, the thermometer, the rhinoceros, the boy, the horse, the locust, the bridge, and the tiger. Now, I was the one who drew all of these things, but sometimes I had to do so many thing that I had to give it to the other graphic designer. So, basically I drew all of these thing, but I did not color in every piece of it. Everyone has been working so hard on this project, so I hope you enjoy it. Last, but not least, go spread the word about the game, we want it as popular as possible!  

JI 2014-2015 LAYOUT - Google Slides

Interview with Art Director

 - by shana.gutterman


Interview by Rebecca

Picture of me - - Martin J. Gottlieb Day School Mail

Zoe is the Art Director and her job is very important because she works on the game logo, she researches and organizes what the graphic designers need to draw, and she works with the Product Managers discussing what will be done and happen with the game.


What program are you using to design the logo?

Google Draw

Do you find your job difficult or stressful at times?


What made you decide to pick this job?

I decided to pick this job because I like art and I thought that I could help make this game better.

When you’re older, do you want to have a job that relates to art?

Yes because I want to be an interior designer.

Do you think the game will be successful?

I think that it’ll be better than last years game because this one is more fun and kid friendly. This year, it is our second time creating a game, so we have a better idea of what kids like.

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Race to the Red Sea

 - by shana.gutterman

Post written by Rebecca B, 7th grader at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

This week during our Jewish Interactive game making process we have been working on many things. Honestly, this is a big work in progress and we have been taking steps towards our goal to be finished by next month. We have mostly been working on our graphics, as this is one of the biggest parts of having a game. For a little “behind the scenes,” we wanted to reveal parts of our game. The concept is to ride your chariot by choosing directions and paths, along with learning educational information along the way, to escape Egypt. This game would probably be best for anybody ages 7 and up.


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