kindergarten students used Google Maps to explore Russia. The highlight of our virtual tour was seeing St. Basil’s Cathedral. They learned the history of Matryoshka nesting dolls and created their own.


Kindergarten: Cityscapes

Kindergarten students learned about small, medium and large with Ms. Lewis. In art, students reinforced this concept by creating a painting of a cityscape and drew small, medium and large buildings.

Kindergarten: Action Jackson

Norman Rockwell was a fan of Jackson Pollock’s art. He admired his art so much that he created a painting of himself looking at a Jackson Pollack piece named “The Connoisseur”


Connoisseur, Norman Rockwell, 1961. Oil on canvas, 37¾” x 31½”. Cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, January 13, 1962. Private collection.

Kindergartners recreated this famous painting.

They made a mini Jackson Pollock by programming the Sphero robot. The Sphero robot rolled in paint to create the action painting.