Light-Up Planets

Second and third grade learned about the solar system in science. In art, students created a solar system painting. They learned how to shade a sphere by using white and black chalk pastels. A toothbrush and paint helped create the stars. Then they created  parallel circuits with lights, copper tape, and batteries and created shining stars in the background.

Third Grade: Parasha

In the Judaic studies students use the Parashat HaShavua curriculum (TaL AM). Each Parasha features a symbol presented as a riddle; through the study of the Parasha the students discovered the link between the symbol (which is the central message of the portion) and the Parasha.  At the end of each Parasha lesson students illustrate a coloring page with the Parasha symbol.   At the end of each Chumash unit, the coloring pages become a booklet.

In art, students are also created a 3D printout of the Parasha symbol/shape.  All of the shapes are placed on a ring and the students have a visual representation of the central messages from each Torah Portion.

Day of the Dead

Students learned about Day of the Dead celebration and the importance of MARIGOLDS in MEXICAN culture. In Mexico, Marigolds are grown for The Day of the Dead Celebration. Kindergarten and third grade read the Day of the Dead book written by Tony Johnson and  illustrated by Jeanette Winter. They learned about COLOR and SHAPE to create a MARIGOLDS. They used WARM colors and RADIAL designs.