Light-Up Planets

Second and third grade learned about the solar system in science. In art, students created a solar system painting. They learned how to shade a sphere by using white and black chalk pastels. A toothbrush and paint helped create the stars. Then they created  parallel circuits with lights, copper tape, and batteries and created shining stars in the background.

Second Grade: Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak was an author and illustrator. His family members were the inspiration for some of his characters. Second graders learned about Maurice Sendak, studied his illustrations and searched for visual texture in his drawings. They created their own Wild Things using visual texture.

Second Grade: Color Wheel Trees for Tu B’Shevat

In Art class, second grade debated the question, “Why are primary colors important?” They identified primary and secondary colors by playing interactive games on the Smart Board.

They also created clay color wheels! They mixed primary colors of clay to make secondary colors.

Second graders painted color wheel trees in honor of Tu B’Shevat. They learned how to draw trees. Tree branches look like the letter Y and face the sky. They used watercolors colors and tempera to create their art.

Second Grade: Vincent Van Gogh & Adjectives

The art room is a great place to reinforce concepts taught in general studies. In this project, second grade combined art history, adjectives, and technology to create paintings of sunflowers inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh. Second grade used adjectives to critique and describe Starry Night. Artistic, creative, blue, astonishing, colorful, swirly and starry were some of the adjectives students used.

LITERACY IN THE ART ROOM: Students participated with an interactive book, on the Smart Board called Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt. The book is about about Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings of sunflowers.

TECHNOLOGY IN THE ART ROOM: Second grade explored Starry Night using Google Arts & Culture. Google Arts & Culture allows you to zoom into paintings. They use a super high resolution that allows the viewer to see brushstrokes. They looked at this picture and tried to guess what painting it was.

The next photo showed a little more of the painting.

The next picture showed the entire painting.

Second graders explored Vincent Van Gogh’s portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings. Students created paintings of sunflowers while learning about composition, and the following principles of design; rhythm and repetition. Second grade also observed a a still life of flowers and drew them using oil pastels.

The Starry Night. Vincent van Gogh 1889

Yom Haatzmaut

Hadassah University Medical Hospital is home to the Chagall stained glass windows. The windows represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

“This is my modest gift to the Jewish people who have always dreamt of biblical love, friendship and  of peace among all peoples. This is my gift to that people which lived here thousands of years ago among the other Semitic people.” Marc Chagall, February 6, 1962

In celebration of Yom Haatzmaut, all classes got a chance to create their own version of stained glass windows, that currently decorates the hallway.