Kindergarten students create a song about the cracks in clay.

Kindergartners created pinch pots. First grade created symmetrical butterflies. Second grade create draped bowls and third grader made clay masks.

Clay vocabulary: Slip and score, kiln, fire, slab and glaze.

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Kindergarten, Gears & Problem Solving

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Kindergarten- Penguins

Kindergarten learned about penguins with Mrs. Hallett.

In art, they made a chemical reaction using salt and watercolors. The salt absorbed the water and left the pigment behind. This technique helped create the snowy looking sky.

Kindergarten students also learned how to create a stop motion animation. They were assigned different jobs to create the movie. The jobs were snow makers, water and penguin mover. Here is their film:

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Third Grade Masks

Third grade masks out of recycled materials for Purim.

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Kindergarten: Goldilocks & the Three Bears

In language arts, Ms. Lewis read a variety of stories about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The emphasis was on the concept small, medium and large.

Students were given recycled materials and copies of the three bears. Students had to engineer a bed that would fit each bear out of the recycled material and tape.



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First Grade Butterfly Unit

First graders learned about butterflies.

In art, first graders were introduced to the math concept, symmetry. They created butterflies by putting paint on one side of paper, folding it in half and pressing down. When the paper was open, the paint was symmetrical.

In general studies, students are watching their caterpillars turn into butterflies.


The app, Doink Green Screen was used to turn the first graders into butterflies.

The app, Background Eraser/SuperImpose Photo Editor was used to erase the background and turn it into a PNG file.

An eighth grader used the app, Doink Animation to animate the butterflies.

The background of the butterflies are the marigolds that the first graders made at the beginning of the year.

First graders learned that butterflies flap their wings by contracting their bodies.


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Kindergartner Explains How a 3D Printer Works


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Kindergarten: Norman Rockwell & Jackson Pollack

Norman Rockwell was a fan of Jackson Pollock’s art. He admired his art so much that he created a painting of himself looking at a Jackson Pollack piece named “The Connoisseur”.

Kindergartners recreated this famous painting. They made a mini Jackson Pollock by programming the Sphero robot. The Sphero robot rolled in paint to create the action painting.  They added an A/B tile pattern to the floor.

Students went to

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Second Grade: Guitars

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Fifth Grade: Analogous Colors

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