Jewish Studies Homework

Homework for week 5/7 – 5/11

Due Mon –   No homework

Due Tue –   Please answer questions 1-20 in the Shavu’ot study guide

Due Wed –  Please answer questions 20 -40 in the Shavu’ot study guide

Due Thur –   Please answer questions 41-61 in the Shavu’ot study guide

Due Fri  –   Shavu’ot Study Guide test

Please bring Tzedakah and/or canned food













5 Responses to Jewish Studies Homework

  1. avatar Jamie says:

    shannah tova Morah Liat!

  2. avatar Kandi S says:

    Congratulations to Morah Liat on her award! Mazel Tov to Liat Walker – Recipient of the 2013 Brit Hinuch Award!

  3. avatar Arin says:

    I think the best way to study is to look over the words and then write them down. After that, you get quizzed on the words. Another way is to use the הכתבה app.

  4. avatar Daisy H says:

    My favorite part about the Skype was to just see everybody. I think that it was so amazing to be able to see, talk to, etc. on the other side of the world! If I think about that for a while it just makes it even more amazing. But, I also loved singing the songs around the menorahs. That Skype was so much fun!

  5. avatar Danny says:

    I don’t have a best part of skyping with our pen pals. I liked showing our menorahs and talking to them. I liked meeting them too.

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