Parashat Shemot – Julia


The last Parashah presentation before winter break was the first Parashah in the book of Shemot (Exodus).  Julia prepared a great summary which mentioned that Moses had a speech impediment.  Moses did not think that he should represent the Jewish people in front of Pharaoh because of his speech impediment but God insisted that that should not hold him back and he asked Aaron (Moses’s older brother) to be his helper when speaking to Pharaoh.  Julia connected this to her activity which was to create greeting cards for disabled students.  The cards will be delivered by our Middle School students on their next Mitzvah trip.  What a great and thoughtful lesson to learn from this Parasha!

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  1. avatar Alyse says:

    Wow!! Julia, what a beautiful idea for a project to go with your parashah! That is so kind and thoughtful of you, and I love how you turned your studies into a mitzvah project. Great job!!
    Your friend,
    Alyse Nathans

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