New Jobs for Kids

This week in fifth grade there are….. New Jobs for Kids!  Mrs. Hernandez looked at our applications online.  After she looked, she picked which person deserved which  job.  I got Official Scribe (by the way, I am Arin).  Emily and Zach got Documentarian.  Ariella, Eliana, and Josh are the Global Connectors.  Ayden is Librarian. Elad and Griffith are the Researchers, and Evan and Jagger are the Kindness Ambassadors. Mrs. Hernandez hasn’t figured out who the graphic designers are yet.

photo 3

Now I’ll explain what all the jobs mean.  Official Scribe writes the blog posts, takes notes, and really anything that has to do with writing.  Documentarian is taking pictures and videos.  The documentarians send me some of the pictures they take so that I can put them in the posts.  Global connectors will tweet, put our Skype calls on our map and a lot more.  Librarian puts some of the new words that we learn on our word wall, updates what we are reading on the wall, and straightens the books.  The designers will sometimes draw visual notes and will do other design projects. Researchers look things up when we have questions. Kindness ambassadors make sure everyone is being kind to one another and don’t leave anyone out.

Meanwhile, we have been reading Out of My Mind.  We are now on chapter twelve.  We just read about how Melody went into a “normal” classroom.  To her a “normal” classroom is a classroom with kids that don’t have disabilities.  She got to sit with one of the only nice kids in that class.  She sat next to a girl named Rose every Wednesday.  Now she can’t go to sleep on Tuesday nights because she’s so excited.

On whole different note, we have picture day today. We took a whole-school picture, a class picture and individual pictures.  Earlier today we had a school picture.  Everyone was smushed into one little area.  The photographer had to take a picture when no one was really ready. I wonder if that picture will be good.

Well, have a great Friday!  Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom! 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

photos and photo collage by Emily


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3 Responses to New Jobs for Kids

  1. avatar anna mattos says:

    Jobs are wonderful, just have a couple questions:
    1. Are these for class projects?
    2. When one person is done with their job, what do they do?
    3. Should students become experts at their jobs and then learn a new one?

    • avatar andrea.hernandez says:

      I don’t really understand your question about class projects.
      The jobs are in addition to all other class work. In order to have a job, students must be current on all work. Students will do their job for about a month and then either reapply if they want that job again, apply for a different job, or not apply for a job. Each student who has a job will be responsible for “training” their replacement.
      The idea is for everyone to get opportunities to try different jobs and for students to have ownership for the classroom.
      Hope that answers your question. It is a new thing we are trying, so will be adjusted as we learn.

  2. avatar Kim Glasgal says:

    Arin did such a great job as scribe – very detailed and clear description of the program! Thank you for the information! I think it is excellent that she put in an attribution of the photos. That is very important. Great job as documentarian Emily!

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