What is Language Arts?

In building the foundation for a year of learning in the language arts classroom I feel it is important to connect students to the big picture.

What is language arts?

In school, language arts often comes in pieces and parts: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension, memorizing poetry, AR levels and tests. The pieces and parts take on meaning and are applied when they are connected to  authentic purpose. Even young students connect with big ideas.

I asked the students to respond to the prompt, “What is language arts?”

Wordle of student responses

 We discussed the connections between reading, writing, communicating and thinking. Then students worked together to brainstorm lists of verbs and nouns that pertained to language arts.


Finally, with the help of the amazing Mrs. Gutterman, each student chose one special word to decorate. We are working to create a colorful word wall in the classroom which will hopefully serve as an ongoing reminder to all of us of the beauty, purpose and artistry of language arts.

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