Wacky wacky words

Today, we were checking our Twitter feed in class.  We noticed that Mike Fisher had mentioned us in a blog post.






We opened up his link to read the blog post. As we began to read, we noticed there were an awful lot of UNKNOWN words in the post.  We immediately stopped reading and decided to hone in on those  Wacky Words. Each student chose one word to define.  I created a powerpoint presentation with all of the new vocabulary words.  These will be new words for the students to learn.  Here are the words.

We finished reading the post, especially the part where we were mentioned.

Fat, buttery, glutinous words SmartBlogs

This was a great example of our class following the example that Mike Fisher discussed in his article.

Building effective vocabulary with students means that every teacher in every class is committed to engaging both academic and domain-specific words. Effective vocabulary instruction is prepared for, specifically engaged and situational.

Thank you, again, to Mike Fisher for expanding our vocabulary.

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  1. avatar Mike Fisher says:

    Love this! You all are awesome, magnificent, fulgurous, dazzling, and stupendous! (Remind me to tell you my “stupendous” story!) -Mike Fisher

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