We Skyped with Mike Fisher!

Written by: Benjamin C
We had a skype call with Mike Fisher, a children’s poet. We had the skype call because Mr. Fisher is allowing us to illustrate one of his poems, chosen by our teacher. In the skype call, we were supposed to ask at least two questions. I actually asked three questions.

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When another student was talking to Mr. Fisher, we were doing various jobs. We got to choose our jobs. The jobs included two tweeters, an information deck responder, four note takers on a Google Doc, a photographer, a mind mapper, an introducer, and a transitioner. I will explain what the jobs are. The tweeter tweeted on twitter. The information deck  responder looked up words that we didn’t know. The note takers took notes on a Google doc. The photographer took pictures.

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The mind-mapper took notes by drawing illustrations  based on what we heard. The introducer introduced everyone. The transitioner told who was going to talk to Mr. Fisher next. Mr. Fisher answered all of our questions, which took about an hour. Mrs. Tolisano helped us in the skype call because she is the one who actually set up the skype call. We thanked Mr. Fisher for letting us illustrate in his book and have a skype call with him.  We look forward to finishing our illustrations, seeing the results, and marketing this book.



Written by: Evelyn M

Have you ever illustrated something for an author? I have… The author’s name is Mike Fisher. He is a wonderful children’s poet. He is working on his first poetry book, and he has invited my school’s 4th and 5th grade to illustrate his poems. The poem that I was assigned is named The Big Sticky. It is about a boy who had something sticky on his hands, and he wiped it on his pants. Guess what happened to him? He sat down and got stuck to a chair. My illustration is a boy sitting on a seat and has a nervous face on. I had really fun drawing it.
Recently, we skyped Mr. Fisher. Skype is an app that is like calling, but you can see the person you’re skyping with, face to face. If you have FaceTime, it is just like that. We had some questions for Mr. Fisher, and he had some questions for us. We asked things about the poems, if he wanted anything specific in the illustration, or how he came up with the poems. Most of them were made from lifetime experiences, or stories that he heard, or even he just came up with them.

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I thought that skyping with Mr. Fisher was an amazing experience, because you are doing a job for someone who maybe famous someday, and we talked to him face to face. It  was like talking to a celebrity. What did we, as a class, learn from this? I think that we learned that we can make just one book into an extraordinary one. I am saying that one person can change a lot, and with many people working together, we can change the world. Of course, a professional artist might make the book look better, but we are kids, and we are creating for kids. Many kids can’t have the opportunity to do this. That is, at least, what my class has learned. I can’t wait for the book to be published, and I hope that you read the book!

  • What do you think we should call the book when it is finished?
  • Do you have any marketing suggestions for our class?

Please comment to our class and give us some feedback.

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