Reflections-Christopher Columbus Project

Write a reflection about the CC project on our class blog by answering the following questions:
1) Was it worthwhile our time in class to do?
2) What did you learn?
3) What did you like about the project?
4) What would you like to do differently with our next project?

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18 Responses to Reflections-Christopher Columbus Project

  1. avatar joshua.f says:

    This is my reflection about the Christopher Columbus project. It was worthwhile to do this project in class because you learn so many new things. I learned that Christopher Columbus went on four voyages instead of one voyage. What I liked about this project was the CC rappers. They made a rap about Christopher Columbus. What I would like to do differently next time is to make a class PowerPoint to tell what we have learned and with facts we would like to share.

  2. avatar allie.i says:

    1)I think it was worthwhile doing it during our time in class because everyone enjoyed doing it and it was a lot of fun for me too.

    2)I learned that Christopher Columbus was not such a nice person and he is
    Italian not Spanish.

    3)I liked how we did a news cast and how we did plays and the rap etc.

    4) What I would have done differently is I would have added the commercials so it would be like a real news cast.

  3. avatar claire.t says:

    I learned that CC was a great sailor and had a lot of pride himself. I liked that everyone did something else and that they were very good. I would like to make a play next time or write a little book. I think it was worth it to make a great video like this.

  4. avatar sabrina.m says:

    Our CC project was definitely worthwhile our time in class to do. I learned the birth and death of CC , his personality, about his four voyages, and much more. I really liked the way we all had to show what we learned in the form as something for a movie. For the next project I would like to have more things available for everyone to do.

    P.S. If you want to see everything that I learned, you can go to my blog at

  5. avatar lance.s says:

    I think it was worth our time in class but some stuff we took way to serious. I learned many things about C.C in different ways like his voyages and other things. I also liked doing Powerpoints and interveiws and other useful things. What I liked about the project was doing things with others and alone. I would like to do a giant cartoon or animation.

  6. avatar max.m says:

    I think the Christopher Columbus project was worthwile because we got to learn a lot about him and we got to make really cool things about him.
    I learned that Columbus was not a nice man, he was just greedy.
    I liked that we got to do what we wanted to do about him.
    I think we shoudn’t spend as much time because in social studies all we learned about was him.

  7. avatar reesa.z says:

    I loved doing the C.C. project. It was so much fun. It was very worthwhile to do it in class. I learned a lot of things not only about Colombus, but I also learned how to use flip cameras, Imovie, and making a bunch of different scripts. I liked that we are making a newscast with the project and not just a video. I would probably like to make a podcast for our next project that we do in class. That C.C. project was as fun as the time I went on Thunder Mountain in Disney World!

  8. avatar shira.d says:

    I really liked the CC project. I had a lot of fun.
    1) It definitely was worthwhile in class.
    2) I learned a lot of things that I did not already know. I learned that he sailed four voyages, he was born in Genoa, Italy, and I did not know that he discovered the Indies.
    3) I liked that we did a newscast and each of us got to do a separate little interview or tell eveybody about what we did.
    4) I would not change anything because it was so much fun.

  9. avatar montgomery.p says:

    1) Yes I think it was worthwhile because it was fun and took a lot of work.
    2) I learned that CC did not only travel once to the New World.
    3) What I liked about the project was that we made a video and everyone had a little part to it.
    4) I think we should do nothing differently because I enjoyed it just the way we did.

  10. avatar daniel.n says:

    Yes I do think it was worthwhile to do the C.C. project because you don’t know how much I learned. I learned a lot of facts about Christopher Columbus because I did a really cool timeline about C.C. The thing I liked the most about this project is the filming because it’s awesome to be able to film and then later see the video on the blog. What I would want to do for the next project is maybe do a play but not a very long one.

  11. avatar edyn.g says:

    I had so much fun on the Christopher Columbus project. The C.C. project was definitely worthwhile. I learned so much from the C.C. project but the thing that stands out in my mind is that people have lots of different opinions on Christopher Columbus. The C.C. project was one of my favorite projects but my favorite part is how we all had our own and original ideas. I loved almost everything we did on the C.C. project. There is one thing I would change next time we would have all the teachers from around the school help us film so it goes faster.

  12. avatar josh.z says:

    Yes, it was worthwhile because I enjoyed working with people and coming up with our own original ideas. I learned that Columbus was not always a hero. What I liked about this project is that everybody worked hard and our project turned out great. What I would like to do with our next project is that the entire class works together.

  13. avatar shelby.w says:

    Durring class it was so much fun I didn’t even know it was an a assignment. After the C.C project I learned that Columbus did not only discover America he discoverd lots of other lands. I liked the project because it wasn’t only facts and work, there were a lot of fun things to do such as a rap and a play. I really liked this project but if I had to change one thing it would have to be the presentation. What I think would of been great was if we presented it as a broadway show because you could act everything out as it happened and you could do it in front of an audience.

  14. avatar Emily says:

    Interesting nice were did you right your blog.

  15. avatar Alanna says:

    That was very interesting. I think you are very good at reflections, and it seems like you found quite allot about Christopher Columbus. Where did you get your information from?

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