Avalanches: A STEAM Activity!

We will be reading, PEAK, by Roland Smith for our next novel study.  It is the story of what happens to the main character, Peak Marcello, as he climbs Mount Everest.  In Science Lab, the students created avalanches.  Mrs. Jaffa will extend the activity with STEAM elements.

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Signature Event: Friday, March 3rd

The students are excited to share their Signature Event presentations with family and friends.  Morah Liat and I are so impressed with their hard work and enthusiasm!  We look forward to seeing you Friday.

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First Torah reading – we did it !

Our Torah reading journey began last year when we were introduced to Torah trope by the Jacksonville Jewish Center’s ritual director, David Wolinsky.  Finally after LOTS of practice we were ready to chant from the Torah for the first time.  We want to thank David Wolinsky, Morah Ilana and Morah Liat for helping us get to this moment.

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Shabbat Shira – thanking God in song

This Friday our class celebrated Shabbat Shira and the 100 day of school.

Jacob M.  taught the students about the special song that B’nai Israel sang after crossing the Sea of Reeds, called the song of the Sea (in Parashat B’Shalach) and then challenged the students to write their own poem/song which thanks God for all we have.

In honor of the 1oo day of school, the students were also challenged to say 100 blessings (brachot) in one day.  During the Shacharit (morning) service, each student already recited 40 brachot.

Here are 2 wonderful examples of the songs that the students wrote in English and Hebrew:



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UNF Field Trip

The Fourth and Fifth Grades went on a Eco- Education field trip to the Robert W. Loftin Nature Trails at UNF.  The field trip aligned with Tu B’Shevat and our Science unit on Ecosystems. Please read the students’ reflections on their blogs!

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Tu B’Shevat Seder 2017

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Learning About Idioms

In Writing Workshop, we have been learning  how to incorporate figurative language in our writing.  Idioms were our last week’s topic.  After looking at several common idioms, we defined their purpose: a word or phrase that is not taken literally.  The students illustrated 4 idioms with their figurative and actual meanings.  To wrap up our lesson they wrote a short story incorporating 4 idioms.

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Violins of Hope

This week we had a great opportunity to learn about the amazing project of Violins of Hope, see link below.


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Our Cup Is Filled!

Each time the class received a compliment on their behavior, followed the rules, and showed kindness to others, a marble was placed in the cup.  Our cup is now filled!  As a reward, the class chose to have a “movie” afternoon before Kabbalat Shabbat this Friday.  I am so proud of them!

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Parts of Speech Bingo!

A fun way to review the parts of speech!

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