Fifth Grade Fun!

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Our 3D printed Mishkan

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Science: Force and Motion

We conducted two labs to learn about gravity.

Lab One: After making paper helicopters, the students were able to see that gravity is the force that pulls down the helicopter and air resists the movement by pushing up on each blade causing the paper helicopter to spin.

Lab Two: after holding their left hand above their heads for one minute, the students were able to see that the blood is pulled down into their right hand and away from their left hand.

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Celebrating a Jerusalem Milestone

This week we celebrated Israel’s 69th birthday by experiencing the many faces of Jerusalem.  The theme for this year’s celebration was the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.  Between 1948 and 1967 Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan and Jews were not allowed to visit the Kotel (Western Wall).  During the 1967 6-day war, Jerusalem was returned to Israeli rule.

At the Kotel station we learned about the Western Wall from the Israeli Shlicha Dana, and then wrote a note to God and placed it in the Kotel.

The Jerusalem art rotation included learning about the famous Marc Chagall windows at Hadassah hospital and drawing our own Chagall inspired Jerusalem landscapes.

Jerusalem Bingo was a fun way to get familiar with some of Jerusalem’s iconic buildings & parks.

Jerusalem sports included playing soccer and basketball like the famous teams:

Beitar Yerushalaimand

HaPoel Yerushalaim


At the Street food festival, students enjoyed the traditional falafel, hummus, Tahini, cucumber, tomato & pickle in a pita.  Of course an Israeli lunch is not complete without a yummy chocolate bar.

Our last rotation was music where we listened to the famous “Jerusalem of Gold” and danced to Matisyahu’s One day.

Later in the day we took part in Israeli dancing with Morah Ilana and played Israeli games that Morah Liat used to played when she was a child in Israel:  גומי, סבתא סורגת, חמש אבנים


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Our Week in Review

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End of Ten Plagues unit party

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Ten Plagues and more

A summary of the Ten Plagues

דם – Jacob G.

In Jewish studies we are learned about the ten plagues.  The plague of blood lasted 7 days and I predicted that the plague of blood would last 7 days and I was right. Aaron started the plague of blood because Moshe did not want to hurt the Nile because it saved him when he was a baby. The plague did not just affect pharaoh and the Egyptians it also affected the animals. It affected the animals because they had no water to drink. Also the fish that were in the Nile died because they were swimming in blood not water. Pharaoh reacted badly, he was furious and his heart turned to stone. Also pharaoh’s magicians could also turn the water to blood like G-d. To hear Jacob read the verses in the picture, click here

צפרדע – Elliana

Would you like it if frogs were everywhere?  I definitely wouldn’t, I hate frogs.  In class we have been learning about the ten plagues.  I am going to teach you about the second plague, the frog plague or צפרדע.  The plague affected the Egyptians and Pharaoh.  Since it doesn’t say in the Torah, the Parshanim (sages) think that the plague lasted a month.  As a class, we thought that Moshe was the one to start the plague, but since all the frogs came from the Nile, Moshe’s brother Aharon started the plague.  Moshe didn’t want to hurt the  Nile because it saved his life when he was a baby.  When the plague started Pharaoh was furious! He asked Moshe to pray to God and after he did, God killed all of the frogs and they smelled horrible! Just think of it, dead frogs everywhere you step!  They would smell horrible!  Did you know that the plague didn’t just affect the Egyptians but also the animals too? To hear Elliana read the verse in her picture, click here

כינים – Madelyn

Can you imagine having lice for a month? The Egyptians did. The Parshanim (פרשנים) thought that this plague lasted for a month. Aharon started the plague because according to Rashi Moshe didn’t want to do it because he had killed an Egyptian and buried him in the ground so the ground helped him. There were lice everywhere. Pharaoh’s heart hardened even more and refused to let the Jewish people go. Pharaoh’s magicians (חרטומים) couldn’t duplicate this plague. It was the first plague that they couldn’t do. They told Pharaoh that it was God who did it. I wonder if the lice were big or they were normal sized?  To hear Madelyn read the verse on the picture, click here


ערוב – Lily

Have an annoying pet at home? Well that’s nothing compared the Plague of Beasts. The 4th plague is Aarov (Wild Animals). I think the plague lasted 7 days (1 week). Some parshanim (sages) say that all of the plagues after blood lasted 1 month.  Moshe and Aharon asked Pharaoh once again to let their people go. Once again, he said no, but allows the Jews to pray to their god. Moshe explains that they cannot pray in Egypt because they had to offer a קורבן  (sacrifice). They had to sacrifice a sheep, but the Egyptians worshiped sheep. Pharaoh asked Moshe and בני ישראל (The children of Israel) to pray on his behalf. Because Pharaoh told the Jews they couldn’t leave Egypt, ה׳ brought the plague of wild animals. One of my classmates wondered where the animals came from. I think the animals were just normal animals, but when the plague started the animals turned into beasts. Where do you think the animals came from? To hear Lily read the verse on her picture, click here

דבר – Jacob M.

The Fifth plague is cattle disease  (דבר). I think God started the plague. Who do you think started the plague? The Torah does not say how long each plague lasted.  I think the plague lasted one month. The plague affected the Egyptians and their animals. Pharaoh asked an Egyptian soldier and he said the all the animals that were with B’nai Israel were still alive and Pharaoh’s heart hardened even more. He did not let the Jews go.  To hear Jacob read the verse, click here


שחין – George

Wouldn’t you feel terrible if you lived in Egypt during the ten plagues? I think that the plague that gave you scratchy bumps on your skin (which was the plague of boils שחין) was the worst of all the ten plagues.

G-d, Moshe, and Aharon started the plague by throwing dust into the air. There were boils on the Egyptians including pharaoh, but also on the Egyptians animals. In the Torah it does not tell us how long the plague lasted. I think it took about a month. How long do you think it lasted? Pharaoh’s magicians were afraid of Moshe and they could not make the boils go away. After the plague G-d hardened pharaoh’s heart and he did not let the Jews go.  To hear George read, click here


ברד – Masha

The seventh plague is hail. I think hail is the third hardest plague because the hardest is death of the first born, the second hardest is wild animals killing people. And hail just killed plants and animals and not people. Moses started the plague. The hail was on fire, (יש אש על הקרח והקרח לא נמס) and when it came down from the sky it killed all the plants and hurt the Egyptians. The plague lasted about a month. Pharaoh’s heart hardened.  Pharaoh admitted that he sinned.  פרעה אמר שהוא חטא. Rashi said that a miracle was that the fire didn’t melt the ice and the ice didn’t burn out the fire. It was like the fire and the ice made peace with each other.                      רשי אמר שאש וקרח עשו שלום  To hear Masha read, click here

ארבה – Talia

When we were told to pick a plague to present, I picked the locust plague, not because it was easy (by the way, it was not. I had the most to read!!) but because I like to learn about animals.  So either way, the locust affected the Egyptians plants. Pharaoh reacted by his heart hardening, and he did not let the Israelites go. The plague lasted about a month, and Moses started the plague, when he lifted his hands towards the sky. The locust blew from a wind coming from the east. In the end, the locust were blown away with a wind, towards the west.

Here are some fun facts about the plague, and locusts in general!

I. Did you know, that when hail that came down, it only crashed into some of the Egyptians plants? Well, there HAD to be some for the locust, right? Since the arbeh (locust) plague was after the hail, it wouldn’t be so horrible if there wasn’t any food for the locust!

II. Locust only eat plants, so they don’t have enough protein in their diet. PROBLEM SOLVED!! It might sound disgusting (Take it from me, when I first heard, this was my reaction: EWW!!) but locust migration is actually fueled by (sorry if you were eating) locust cannibalism. EWWWW!!!

III. Locust are actually grasshoppers, but when they are touched in a special area by the wings of another, a hormone is unleashed (that sounds like a comic book title. “Hormones UNLEASHED!”) that turns a everyday grasshopper, into an all-eating LOCUST!!!  To hear Talia read, click here

חושך – Nava

WHAT could be worse than not being able to move in the dark for THREE WHOLE DAYS!?!? I don’t know, but I’m just glad that I didn’t live in Egypt during the ten plagues. Hashem sent them because פּרעה didn’t free בּני ישׂראל. Anyway back to darkness… Daan Daan Daaaaaaaan!!!!! When Hashem started the plague, darkness fell over the land of מצרים. The darkness was so heavy that the מצרים couldn’t even MOVE!!!  So if you were standing, you wouldn’t even be able to sit down!!! But only מצרים was dark. In ארץ גשן, there was light and בּני ישׂראל could see and move around all day.

When Hashem got rid of the darkness, פּרעה said to משה, אל תּסף ראוֹת פּני כּי… תּמוּת

meaning If you come back to me, I will kill you.   To hear Nava read, click here

מכת בכורות – Sam and Evan

Sam: How would you feel if you woke up to find your firstborn son dead in your living room. You would be horrified. Sadly, the Egyptians had to suffer this horrible feeling for our freedom. They had to suffer just because their ruler wanted to keep his slaves so he didn’t have to pay workers. It started when God told Moses that there was going to be a plague so horrible that God said that there would be a scream like never before and there won’t be a scream like this ever again. God also told Moses to tell B’nei Yisrael to put lamb’s blood on their doorways.

Evan: Moses went to the Jews and told them to put lambs blood on the door and ask the Egyptians to give them their valuables. The Jews covered the doors and the Egyptians gave them their valuables because they respected Moses and God after seeing the harm they could do. Then, in the middle of the night, God’s hand stretched over the land and killed all the Egyptians’ firstborn sons and PASSED OVER the Jewish households. Then, Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron and told them to get B’nei Yisrael out of Egypt. They were finally free, or so they thought…

To hear Sam, click here

To hear Evan, click here

To hear Sam read, click here






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We Love Pizza Lunch!

Everyone ordered pizza on Friday!

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PE Fun!

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Avalanches: A STEAM Activity!

We will be reading, PEAK, by Roland Smith for our next novel study.  It is the story of what happens to the main character, Peak Marcello, as he climbs Mount Everest.  In Science Lab, the students created avalanches.  Mrs. Jaffa will extend the activity with STEAM elements.

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