Play, have fun and learn about Israel

The countdown to Israel’s 70th birthday has begun. 

Play, have fun and learn about Israel.

For students to play, they need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on:

  2. S/he should click on “Student”

  3. S/he should type the school code


  4. S/he types his/her first name and then birthday

  5. S/he chooses their grade

Come back everyday to for a new challenge.

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Purim Fun!

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First Place!

Our class won FIRST PLACE in the Knesset sponsored Tu B’Shevat door decorating contest.  The students brought in a huge variety of recycled objects, divided them into categories, and planned our tree.  It was truly a collaborative effort!

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MakerCon: Tuesday, February 13th!

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Celebrating Tu B’shevat טו בשבט

                 How did we celebrate Tu B’shevat this year?

We learned about nature and trees at the Tillie Fowler Nature Preserve.

We had a Tu B’shevat Seder







We learned about trees in Israel and wrote cinquain poems about them.  In Art class we created a leafy background and then performed the poems at the Tu B’shevat musical program.

And we decorated our classroom door with a tree made of recycled products.


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TuB’Shevat Field Trip

We went to the Tillie Fowler Regional Park in celebration of TuB’Shevat.  Our day began with a nature hike and views from the observation tower.  Back at the nature center we learned about animals in nature.

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3D Channukiyot

In class we learned about different designs of Channukiyot (Menorahs).  Next each student designed their own 3 dimentional Channukiya using the app Tinkercad.

Next they used LED lights and a battery to light the first candle in their channukiya.





In the following video, the students are reciting the brachot (blessings) which are recited on the first night of Hannukah.

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What Book Clubs Look Like

Before beginning our book clubs, we needed to see what a student led book club should look like.  As the students watched a video on a student led book club, ,they filled out the shared Google doc :

Our book club book is , A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, which shares themes with our instructional read aloud, Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate.

As Lucy Calkins states, ” by studying the skills and strategies of interpretation while reading, writing, and talking about literature, your readers will work together in their clubs to identify the themes that thread throughout their books.”  They will come to see their book clubs as mini debate clubs- they will try out ideas, be challenged, and engage in deep conversations that will hold them accountable for defending their ideas with reason and evidence.


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We had a fun time on VIP Day playing Pictionary and working a Thanksgiving word search.  Thank you for spending the morning with us!

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Why is rhyming important for reading?

Being able to break words into smaller parts and recognize smaller parts in words is an important skill that is crucial for reading and spelling. This awareness leads to better reading and writing success. … Rhyming also prepares children to make predictions while learning words and gives them crucial decoding skills.

In Jewish Studies class we are reading a 3 part poem called זה לא אני  (It’s not me) which was written by Israeli poet Leah Goldberg.  The poem is written in rhymes so we challenged ourself to think of rhymes in Hebrew.

Look how many we came up with:

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