Polishing the silver

Here we are polishing the Choshen (breast plate) and Rimonim (bells) which decorate the Torah scroll.  We were helping prepare the Torah scrolls for Rosh HaShana.  Rosh HaShana is the Jewish new year and it is similar to New Year’s Day except that instead of staying up until midnight, you celebrate in the synagogue and at home with family.
It was an honor to take part in polishing the silver like the honor of going on the Bimah.  The Torah scrolls will be adorned (dressed) in white fabric and will have the shiny Choshen and Rimonim when they are used during Rosh HaShana services.  We are looking to seeing the Torah scrolls with their beautiful crowns and breast plates.

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Hands On Science Lab

In Science, we have been learning about the properties of matter.  Mrs. Jaffa directed a lab where the students explored the physical and chemical properties of salt and sugar. They examined the color, texture, shape, and size of the salt and sugar and recorded their findings on a t chart.  Next, they crushed the salt and sugar and examined the changes under the microscope.  Then, they analyzed the solubility of each in cold and hot water.  This lab provided the students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of physical and chemical properties of matter.

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Growth Mindset: Index Card Towers

With growth mindset, students are praised on the process of learning- the effort they put in and the strategies they use.  A willingness to be challenged, fail, and keep trying until they succeed builds the understanding that they can learn anything!  In this activity, the students were challenged to build the tallest index card tower.  Morah Liat and I will be using growth mindset in our classes this year.  We will be discussing growth mindset at Open House.


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Fantastic Fifth Grade!

Morah Liat and I are excited for this school year.  Our learning adventure will begin on August 21st!

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Fifth Grade Fun!

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Our 3D printed Mishkan

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Science: Force and Motion

We conducted two labs to learn about gravity.

Lab One: After making paper helicopters, the students were able to see that gravity is the force that pulls down the helicopter and air resists the movement by pushing up on each blade causing the paper helicopter to spin.

Lab Two: after holding their left hand above their heads for one minute, the students were able to see that the blood is pulled down into their right hand and away from their left hand.

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Celebrating a Jerusalem Milestone

This week we celebrated Israel’s 69th birthday by experiencing the many faces of Jerusalem.  The theme for this year’s celebration was the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.  Between 1948 and 1967 Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan and Jews were not allowed to visit the Kotel (Western Wall).  During the 1967 6-day war, Jerusalem was returned to Israeli rule.

At the Kotel station we learned about the Western Wall from the Israeli Shlicha Dana, and then wrote a note to God and placed it in the Kotel.

The Jerusalem art rotation included learning about the famous Marc Chagall windows at Hadassah hospital and drawing our own Chagall inspired Jerusalem landscapes.

Jerusalem Bingo was a fun way to get familiar with some of Jerusalem’s iconic buildings & parks.

Jerusalem sports included playing soccer and basketball like the famous teams:

Beitar Yerushalaimand

HaPoel Yerushalaim


At the Street food festival, students enjoyed the traditional falafel, hummus, Tahini, cucumber, tomato & pickle in a pita.  Of course an Israeli lunch is not complete without a yummy chocolate bar.

Our last rotation was music where we listened to the famous “Jerusalem of Gold” and danced to Matisyahu’s One day.

Later in the day we took part in Israeli dancing with Morah Ilana and played Israeli games that Morah Liat used to played when she was a child in Israel:  גומי, סבתא סורגת, חמש אבנים


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Our Week in Review

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End of Ten Plagues unit party

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