Who OR What is Digigogy?

Reflection written by: Jeremy Z and Griff W

This month, our fourth grade class had a skype call with a well known teacher and recent poet, Mike Fisher. This is a great opportunity for us because each of us was given one of his poems to illustrate for an e-book, and we all had questions to ask him like, “Why is the poem O in an O shape?” The answer was that one of his high school teachers gave him the suggestion.

Michael Fisher | edJEWcon

We learned that he lives in Buffalo, New York, and he is inspired by children. He now writes daily, after starting to  write poems at age five. Currently, he is writing a mystery novel for young adults. Strangely, Mike Fisher (@Fisher 1000 on Twitter) had a habit of biting his nails, and still does, which was the topic of another one of his poems. He will be opening the poem book with the poem called Going In; so the readers will not know WHAT they are going into. The Hair poem he wrote was inspired by a movie which compared static hair to mall hair. He explained that it was like taking off your jacket and your hair goes flying. He was inspired to write the poem about Monsters being in places because he thought there might be monsters under the bed when he was a kid. He is annoyed when signs tell him what not to do so he wrote the poem about Signs. It was quite informative to learn the origins of his poetry. It also helped understanding the meanings so we could illustrate the poems more effectively.

We are all excited to be helping write and illustrate a poem for Mike Fisher’s e-book.  We are looking forward to putting our names in the book, and we are excited to be helping a well known poet write an e-book. Our class knows that this is only the BEGINNING of a long, beneficial, and hopefully profitable, learning experience. You can read more about our Skype call with Mike Fisher on Silvia Tolisano’s blog.

Learning in the Modern Classroom | Langwitches BlogReflection written by: Ayden I

Recently, we did a skype call with the poet Mike Fisher.  We’re illustrating some of his poems and we managed to get him to agree to a skype call.The first person he talked to was Orli because she was the introducer.  Everyone had different jobs.  Evan was our transitioner, so he introduced everybody.(except Orli) Zach M. and Noah were our tweeters. Ayden Eliana, and Ariella were working on notetaking on a Google Doc.  Jagger was the photographer. Jeremy and Griff were bloggers. He answered some of our questions like,  “Why is the O poem in the shape of an O?”  We learned that the reason the O poem is in the shape of an O is because it was a suggestion from one of his high school teachers. Next, we learned some interesting facts about Mr.Fisher,  including he lives in Buffalo, New York which is five minutes away from Niagara Falls.  He also is writing a mystery novel for young adults.  Our whole class learned a few new words including: collaboration, cryptic, and emphatic.  We learned a lot about our poems and Mike Fisher.  Have you ever created a poem?  This is just the beginning.  We have to market!  We have to publish!  We have to find out how much we will make!  All of this is going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

We still have many decisions to make.  

  • What should we name our book?  
  • How should we design the cover?  
  • What would be a reasonable price?  
  • Please respond and give us some feedback.