Florida Wiki is FINISHED!


We have finally completed our Florida Wiki page.  This was a very time consuming project for my class.  We initially learned all about Florida Geography back in October.  We spent time in November learning about the Florida Economy.  In December, we focused on the government of Florida, and then in January, we reviewed all that we had learned.  The students then chose what “tools” they wanted to use to create their final products.

Four groups were formed: Zoe, Rebecca and Yoni worked on a powerpoint for all 3 subject areas; Zachary, Itamar, and Evelyn worked on a video for all 3 subject areas; Jamie and Liam also worked on a video for geography and economy only; and Jonah, Elior and Ben worked on a powerpoint presentation for geography and economy only.  These groups worked on their projects 1-2 times per week during the months of January and part of February.

Each group worked independently creating their story board first.  They divided up the responsibilities and got to work.  While one student wrote the script, another student located information, and another student found images to use.  They collaborated and worked as a team.  The duties varied based on the tool they chose to use.  As you can see from their finished products, the students truly did learn about our state of Florida.

One point, that is mentioned in Jamie and Liam’s video, is that we were fortunate to have two guest speakers come to our class during our study of Florida Government.  Thank you to Mrs.Hernandez and Jamie for organizing both of these visitors for us.  Former State Representative Dick Kravitz and State Representative Mike Weinstein’s legislative assistant, Gwen Carmichael, both came for class interviews.  We all learned a great deal about Florida’s state government.

Here is the Rubric that the students used to complete their project:

RUBRIC for Florida Wiki ProjectTitle and Names (first names, last initials)3 slides on geography.  Must include the following information:

  • Major Rivers
  • Major Cities
  • Surrounding Bodies of Water
  • Surrounding States
  • Capital of state
  • 3 top places to go in Florida
  • State Flag and Map
  • State location
  • Climate
  • Well known animals
  • Well known plants of Florida

3 slides on Economy.  Must include the following information:

  • List the largest economic producers

  • List the  imports from other countries

  • List things we export to other countries

  • Explain how our economy is doing currently.

3-5 slides on Government.  Must include the following information:

  • Explain the type of government in Florida.

  • Explain who runs our government and his/her responsiblities.

  • Additional information we learned.

1-2 slides to cite your sources

Please go to our Florida Wiki page and let us know what you think about their projects.  Overall, we are very proud and found it to be an informative unit.