50th Anniversary Post of the Week!

This week’s assignment was for the students to write about what our school was like 50 years ago, and how it has changed today.  Rebecca wrote a very organized blog post sharing how she believes our school has changed.

Our school is celebrating its 50th Anniversary May 4-6 and we are all looking forward to this spectacular event!  Check out the rest of the posts written by the fourth graders.

My school Is 50 Years Old

Do you have any idea about what my school was like 50 years ago?  Well, one thing is that there was only one grade. If you want to  know more, please continue reading.  Anyway, I think that it’s time for you to find out more information.  There are many ways my school is the same now, as it was 50 years ago, but there are also many ways they are different.  Lets talk about all of the ways they are different and the same.

First, as you all read, about that 50 years ago, my school only had one grade. The one grade was 1st grade.  Back then, my school had no technology such as: no computers, no ipads, no calculators, and no smarts boards. (PS my school has all of those things now.) We also had no blogs, just like the one you are reading right now.  When we talked about the technology, we had people to help us with it, and a place to put the technology.  We put all of our technology in a computer lab.   The last difference is that in the past, my school was in a different area.  It moved here because it was burned down. That is all I have for what it was like 50 years ago.  Lets move on to what my school is like right now.

My school has so many things that we didn’t have in the past.  My school has amazing technology. We have computers, ipads, calculators, and smart boards.  A smart board is a giant board that has a touch screen.  It is connected by a laptop.  You can drag things with your finger, or color with a fake pen! It is really cool technology.  We also have our own blogs.  You should get a blog because you can get virtual pets (Just like mine) or cluster maps. (Just like mine) When you have a cluster map, you know were people have been reading or commenting on your blog. My school has a computer lab to put the technology in.  That’s all I have about my school right now.   Now, lets see how they are both alike.

My school is alike in so many ways.  First, obviously it has students and teachers.  Second, it has all of the same school supplies. (Such as- pencils or glue)  Third, it has desks, chalkboards, and chairs.  Fourth, it still has bathrooms, a kitchen, food, and a library.  Lastly, my school is still Jewish.

Wow! I never spotted all of these ways my school is the same as it was in the past!   This is why my school is really different, but also has similarities.  I never knew this much information until I asked some teachers.  Did you guess any of this?  I know that I wouldn’t know any of this knowledge.  I hope you that you come to my school because it gives you a great education and everyone is really friendly.   See you there!