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Write a story about yourself.  This is the setting and you are the main character.  The rest is up to you.  Happy writing.








I was surprised, yet very impressed, with the unique stories that the students came up with from this story starter.  I chose two “Posts of the Week” this week.  Both Zachary and Liam wrote very unique and creative stories from two very different settings.  Please go to their blogs and leave them a comment.


Kiss The Second Adventures by Zachary



It was the year 2024, Kiss the Second was on their way to their first tour ever . “This so amazing,” said Zachary.  ”I can’t wait for the tour,” said Elior”. “The band was so excited  said,” Jonah. Where are we touring? said Itamar and Yoni.

Chapter 1 tour

All of our agents said that we are touring London and Liverpool. Everyone said that London  and Liverpool are the best places to tour in England.  Kiss The Second loved Liverpool because the Beatles were born there and we get a free tour of the Beatles houses.  ”Where in London are we performing?”  said Zachary. “At Wimbly Stadium” said Zachary’s agent.  ”Come on, let’s rehearse”.

Chapter 2 Rehearsing Songs

It was a week before the tour so, Kiss the Second was rehearing. Kiss The Second was practicing for hours and hours. “Our hands are tired,” everyone said.  ”Just a few more rehearsals,” said Zachary. It was 11:47p.m. Everybody except Itamar,Yoni, and Jonah were still awake. Elior and Zachary were asleep. By 12:02 the whole band was asleep. The plain takes off tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Lets’ go to the airport to take off.

Chapter 3 Taking Off

It was time to get on the plane. Hi this is your pilite speaking.  Thankyou for flying british airlines, flight 123 to liverpool and London.  This going to be a four hour and thirty minute flite.  Please put your bags on the over head carrier.  “I can’t wait to go on the tour,”said Jonah.  Four hours later. This is your pilite speaking we are now landing in Liverpool. Welcome to Liverpool.  Three hours later.  Gosh I can not wait till we go to the Beatles house. Well, what are we waiting for lets go.

Chapter 4 The Beatles house tour

It was eight thirty five pm.  ”This tour is awsome,” everyone said.  Wow their houses have all their albums, records, songs, covers , books movies you name it.  Remember yellow submarine the song and movie.  “Wow!!!,” everyone said. I can not believe that are performing here at the beatles houses.  The last house eleven fourty three pm. The last song at the last house. all offen of the sudden.

Chapter 5 help

All of the sudden the doors locked.  ”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,”  every said. Help Help Help Help Help.  Nothing I do not think we are getting out of here for a while.  They trie to call the police the power just went out.  about sixteen hours later the police find Kiss The Second all asleep on the floor.  Finally we are free from the torture of being locked in and the power goes out. I know who locked you guys in. Who? The WHTB (we hate the beatles) gosh we hate them. Everybody in England hates them.

Chapter six Wimbly Stadium

Wow we are finally here at  Wimbly Stadium in London.  Seven a clock pm is the concert. Six forty eight pm.  It is time to go out there and play the best the appsilute best concert we and you guys ever played.  It is the last song all of the sudden, there back.  The whtb is back as the whtb were capturing people,  beeting up  people, shooting people and theaten them.  “Not so fast,” said Kiss The Second.  Get out get out of here this instint. WHTB ran away we did. People were saying Kiss The Second Kiss The Second Kiss The Second.  That is the story of Kiss The Second.

 Here is Kiss The Second performing live at Wimbly Stadium.

Here is a link to the photo


Chapter 1

Once, there was a man living in an apartment in New York.  His name was Mason. He was sitting down on his chair watching TV. All the sudden, he heard a rumble.  Mason didn’t know what it was, he got up, then BOOM! His whole wall blew down!  He heard gunfire, then a bunch of bullets hit his wall.   He runs and goes down the stairs to his neighbor (he has guns). Mason asks his neighbor for a gun and a bulletproof vest.  He gives them to Mason.  Mason runs outside and kills the attackers and runs to the police station.

Chapter 2

At the station, Mason asks where the milatary base is located and the police man says, ” North”  He gets in a car and drives north. At the milatary base Mason sees  about 500 helicopters and 10 planes . A military guy says “Get in the helicopter!” Mason gets in the helicopter, and about 100 feet in the air the helicopter sets on fire!  The pilot said that we need to jump out with a parachute.  Mason jumps, he pulls the string, and he directs it to land.


Chapter 3

He lands at a brick apartment and Mason opens the door and people aim their guns at him.  Mason says “It’s OK , I’m on your side.” They put their guns down, a man comes over and said “Are you willing to join us?”   Mason said,”Yes” and they gave him a tour   around the apartment.


Chapter 4

Mason was assigned as a sniper on the roof, he protected the whole group. Then,he saw a enemy running and aiming with a gun Mason whispered to his teammate “I see one.”  Mason’s teammate said quietly “Shoot him in 3,2,1 .” Mason shoots the attacker and gets to normal buisness.


Chapter 5

Mason’s shift is over he goes in the apartment and sleeps. The next day aabout 12:00 the commander said “It is time.” Mason said “Time for what?” the commander said “Breaking free.” Everyone runs outside with guns and starts shooting enemies. Mason picks up a gun and starts fighting he runs, and finds a armored car. Mason jumps inside the car and drives Mason rolled down a window and pulled out his gun he started shooting enimies. Mason turns on the radio the radio says “Go to the docks to go to ellis island.” So he drives to the docks and on the way he saw helicopters going to the docks and tanks,he got to the docks helicoprters started to land he got in one and went to florida. THE END..