Bully Post of the Week

On Friday, February 17, the entire 4th grade class wrote posts about bullying.  Each student wrote about what “bullying” means to them, experiences they have had, and how to prevent bullying in our school.  They all did a great job and wrote some very interesting posts.  Please go to each of their blogs and read their posts.  I chose Yoni’s as our “Bully Post of the Week.”  He wrote a very detailed and passionate post about bullying.

Bullying is very serious in most schools, especially public schools.  The types of bullying are physical bullying, teasing, and cyber bullying.  Physical bullying is when someone is trying to hit you, and sometimes it can hurt.  Teasing is when someone is trying to mock you (making fun of you).  Cyber bullying is when someone says something bad to you on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or on your E-mail.  Cyber bullying is like someone is teasing you online.  In third grade our class learned when someone teases you, or cyber bullies you, you will remember it for the rest of your life.  If you cyber bully, you can get yourself in big trouble.

I have experienced physical bullying, and I was teased by some people, but I did not get cyber bullied yet.  When someone teases me I feel very sad.  When I got physical bullied I had no choice just to defend myself.  I really do not like people bullying each other.  When people are not bullying me, but bullying someone else, I feel miserable.  Without bullying, kids get a much better life.  Some people are sensitive from teasing, and cyber bullying.  I am sometimes sensitive when someone teases me, even if it is just a silly joke.

When you are about to hit someone, tease someone, or write something mean online, think before you do that.  A bully starts when someone bullied them.  If you see a bully, you would usually not see them by themselves.  You would see them with other people, because a bully is not strong on the inside, but a bully tries to feel strong.  Some kids get bullied in all ways physical bullying, teasing, and cyber bullying.  If you do nothing, a bully can still be very mean to you.  If you tease someone, or cyber bully someone it is also making fun of G-D, because G-D is inside everyone.  You do not want to make fun of G-D, because G-D is infinite times stronger than anyone.  If someone bullied you in any type, you should go to someone that got bullied in the same type, so he or she can tell you how to stop the bully.  If a pack of bullies are surrounding you, and you cannot run away you have to fight back.  My dad told me if that happens, fight the the leader first, because if you defeat the leader the rest of the pack will get scared, and leave you alone, and so will the leader will also leave you alone.  Only do that when you have no choice.  Bullies usually bully kids that are lonely, because it will be easier to bully them.  Bullies do not know that they are even bullying.  If a pack of bullies are bullying you, and your friends, but if the bullies say to your friend, in a bad way, you and your friends can say leave them alone!  That is a way to stop bullies.  If someone bullies you, you can tell an adult you trust, especially your parents, or your older sibling, unless you do not have a older sibling, but if you do tell him or her, because they are older, and the bully will stop.  You can be friends with a bully, because the bully will start to think before he is about to bully someone, you have to tell them to think before they bully.

That is all about how to stop bullying.  Bullying happens in a lot of places.  You can stop bullying.  You can tell the principal to make a no bully zone.  If you have any question ask me, and I will tell you.  If you follow the ways to stop bullying it will help you.


Electricity Post of the Week!


Each student wrote an expository essay on electricity.  I chose Jamie’s as our “Post of the Week.”  Great job Jamie!


The Fun-ness of Electricity


Have you ever heard someone yell, “yu yu yu yu yu yu yu”? Well, whoever said that, they were either being electrocuted, or shocked. Both of those topics I will be talking about during this essay. That means, you will learn about static electricity, and current electricity, as well as energy conservation. Keep reading to learn more on those three topics!

Wow, I’m shocked! I know what you’re probably thinking. Shocked as in amazed, but no, I mean shocked, electric shock. Static electricity is an electrical charge that builds up on an object. For instance, when you rub a balloon on your hair, usually your hair will stick up. Also, my friend Evie, and I used to take off our shoes outside, and slide down with our socks, on the slide. Guess what happened when we touched each other? If you guessed we get shocked, you’re right! All these things that happened are examples of static electricity!

Did you know that what’s inside wires that connect to your TV, or even your ipod, contain current electricity? If you didn’t, now you know! Current electricity is a steady stream of charges. All wires have current electricity running through them while at use. All current electricity has a circut, which helps it to flow. If the circuit gets broken, the electricity will no longer flow, and whatever it connects to, will not turn on. Also, if your house gets a surge during a bad storm, the wires “burn”, and it “burns” the electronic, which will stop it from working. That’s about it for current electricity! Stay tuned for more!

Did you know that just by turning off the lights when you leave the room can save your family lots of money? Well its true! Energy conservation is the way you can save money for your family’s electric bill, and save electricity when you don’t need it. Like for example, unplugging your appliances when they are fully charged, or just turning off the television when you’re not watching. Those few tips are things that will not only help your family save money, but will keep the electricity going.

From everything I have included in this essay, I bet there is at least one thing that you have learned! Go ahead, admit it! I have even learned a bunch just in the process of making this blog post. I hope you’ve learned as much as I did on Current electricity, static electricity, and energy conservation. Out of this whole blog post, there is one thing I want you to take with you for the rest of your life: Make sure you turn off the lights when you leave the room! Bye!