Legislative Is The Key!

In our classroom we are learning about the Government and how it works. In Mrs. Hernandez’s group, we did a little presentation in front of the classroom to inform them about what we learned.  Rebecca and I were in charge of the Legislative part of the presentation.  I talked more about the branches and what is in them such as the Senate, and the House of Representatives. Rebecca talked more about how bills pass by all these places before they become a law. We both made a picture on Pixie to match our presentation.  I liked that because it’s helping others understand something they don’t know about. I love to teach others when they need it!

Just remember, Legislative is the key!


2 thoughts on “Legislative Is The Key!

  1. Jamie,
    Why is legislative the key?
    I thought you all learned a lot and did a very good job teaching the other group. I took some pictures while you were presenting. Would you like to use one or more of them to illustrate this post? If so, let me know, and I will be happy to get them to you.

    • I would love to have pictures to illustrate. Are you able to get into my account to do that?

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