Fourth & Fifth Grade Science

Our fifth and fourth grade classes watched a video about
the scientific method. Here are all five steps. Step one: Ask
a question. Step two: Form a hypothesis. Step three: Do
a experiment. Step four: Write down the results of your
experiment. Step five: Draw a conclusion. The last step is
the Experimental stage: after you have you hypothesis and
you experiment, then you do your experiment again. There
was a girl on the movie and she was making a hypothesis
just by feeling what is in her kitchen. She also felt wood, a
pan, and styrofoam. Then she put an ice cube on all of them.
Her hypothesis was that the ice cube would melt the fastest
on the warmest thing. The ice cube that was on the warmest
thing would melt the slowest. Her hypothesis was wrong. It
is ok to reject your original hypothesis and form a new

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  1. That was a good movie. I liked the movie. The experement results were amazing! I never thought the results would be like that!

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