Explorer Brainstorming Ideas

Reread the brainstorming ideas for our Explorer project.  How would you expand one of the ideas for our story or do you have another idea?  In your comment answer: who, what, when, where, and how.

13 thoughts on “Explorer Brainstorming Ideas

  1. This is going to be a cool project! Here is a idea for the story part :

    One day of school, the entire 4th grade find notes in there binders to go to Old St. Augstine to go back in time. To solve mysteries…….. explore new lands. but the question is : WHO sent them ?

  2. Our class is in our classroom, and we are learning about explorers in Florida. We all fall asleep and have the same dream. Our dream is about us meeting explorers. They tell us important facts and cool stuff about them.

  3. We are playing a computer game as a class on the Smartboard. It is about explorers. We all get bored. Then we fall asleep and get stuck in the game. We interview the explorers.They teach us cool facts. We learn many things that we never knew.

  4. My idea is to have somebody trip over a stump and it turns into a box but you have to solve a code to open the box. It is really simple because the answer is Florida. After you solve the problem it has all information about the explorers. We as in the 4th grade class has to figure out witch of the explores goes where.

  5. Thats cool Brianna! I really like it. Now here is my idea……..

    We are searching up explorers and all of a sudden the explorers come out of the computer screen. When they do, they tell us all about their lives/adventures. Then we all wanted to know more since we all liked it. They all told us some facts about themselfes. It was so much fun that we felt like we were actually travaling with them when they were telling us about their adventures/stories/travels. We all said goodbye and then all of a sudden, they went back onto the comuter screen. We all wish that they would come back soon!

    Thats the story I think we should do. 🙂

  6. I like : a group of friends go to the beach and they travel back in time but there still in Florida. 🙂

  7. My idea for the story is…

    that our 4’th grade meets some very old explorers. Who are about to die but they are
    looking for some thing and they need to find it before they die. So they tell us facts about them and from the facts we have to find the thing.

  8. All the explorers are walking on the beach together on the year 2010 and each of them find 1 peice of metat they put the peices together and it makes a time travaling machine! They travel to the year 1775 and explored all the’s places then traveld back to the year 2010 and everything was different because they went back in time.

  9. The explorers were at a museum and they were lost and Mrs. Raitt took us to the museum and we saw the explorers and one of them came up to us a started Telling us about him self and then all the explorers came up and started telling us about them to and then we put them them back where they belong with a time travel Machine they are back now

  10. It was a dark, (S) stormy night. One graveyard had a curse. The graveyard is in Florida. All who lives (are buried) in the graveyard shall be cursed! All the explorers were buried in that certain graveyard, and they came to life! The next morning, the explorers went into Mrs. Raitt’s class, they talked to us about their individual ideas.

  11. I would go with the one when the explorers don’t know who they are or where they belong. I think it will be perfect to do!!!

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