What is an avatar?
In the world of blogging,  many people use an image, called an avatar, as a representation of themselves. Many adults who blog under their real names use a real photo, but some people like to create an image in order to maintain their privacy. Mrs. Tolisano blogs under the name “langwitches” because she speaks three languages, and she has created a little “lang-witch” to use as her online avatar.

Here are some examples of avatars used by other students. Think about what each avatar says about the person.

Today you will create an avatar to represent yourself on the 4th grade blog. You may either use one of these sites or you may use Pixie or Skitch to hand-draw your avatar or you may choose an image from Pics4Learning.

My Avatar Editor

Build Your Wild Self

Wee World

Mr. Picassohead

After you design an avatar, you will take a screenshot in skitch, log in to the blog and add your avatar to your profile. Finally, please leave a comment on this post describing why you created the avatar you did. Your avatar will show alongside your comment.

16 thoughts on “Avatars

    • And the reason this as my avatar because it shows that I like thining that I’m cool and popular! The way it describe’s me is that, I love wearing sunglasses a lot and I love the color lime green!!!

  1. Ichose my avatar because every thing it has has something to do with me. I have coffee in my hand that is because I drink coffee.

  2. I made an avatar because it represents me. The suitcase means I travel a lot. The cowboy hat means I ride horses. I like pink so I put pink highlights in my hair. I love the outdoors so that’s why I chose a park background.

  3. Hi. I forgot to put earrings on my avatar. The reason my avatar is wearing that shirt is because I like blue. I thought that shirt was really pretty. My avatar is wearing jeans because sometimes I wear jeans. It is wearing a hat because I thought it was cute. There is a cat because I have a cat. I liked the backround.

  4. My avatar is a dog. The reason I put a dog as my avatar is because my favorite animals are dogs and because dogs are playful lovable fun and nice.

  5. I made my avatar like it is because well,it’s me.I like the lengedery Easter Island statues (the background) and I like learning about exotic plants and animals like the Venus Flytrap.(But I don’t have a bee tatoeed on my cheek).

  6. I chose my avatar because I sometimes wonder what its like floating on clouds. What my avatar says about me is that I love rodents.

  7. I made my avatar like it is because my two favorite colors are blue and green.I also added a tiara because I like sparkles. I added a dog because I love dogs!I made it swimming at the beach.

  8. The reason I chose to make this avatar is because I love hot pink and when I grow up I will have a phone and probably drink iced coffee and what it says about me is I almost always wear hot pink and I wear jewelry alot and that’s what my avatar is all about.

  9. I made my avatar to look like me. I chose a cat next to me because I love animals. On my avatar I chose clothes that looks like something I would wear.

  10. I choose my avatar because I wanted it to look like me. I also chose a cat because I love cats. The reason why I chose the clothes my avatar is wearing cause I wanted it look a lot a like me.

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