What a fun time we had today! The fourth and fifth graders performed for all the VIP guests before they visited the classrooms. Bravo! In class, everyone shared what they were thankful for at home, at school/work, in nature and the world. We also enjoyed some Thanksgiving themed math games and created a collage with our special guest(s). It was wonderful to see so many family members!


Have a happy Thanksgiving and we will see you November 30th!

Our Week in Review


In math we are reviewing addition and subtraction facts.  We also reviewed the four operations of whole numbers. The answer to an addition problem is the sum, when you subtract it’s called a difference. The answer to a multiplication problem is the product and division is the quotient. On Friday we had a pop quiz and I think that it was fun.

by Lily

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Science & Social Studies

This week in science, we put 3 seeds in a bag lima bean, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed. We put when in a bag with a paper towel to see which will germinate first. We also learned about flowers and trees. We had a science crossword puzzle for homework this week it was very fun.

In social studies, this week, we learned about the US constitution and the 3 branches of the government. We did a unit review on the constitution and branches of government. The three branches are the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch. The executive enforces, or carries out, national laws. The Judicial branch makes sure that laws follow the Constitution. The legislative branch writes laws that are used by the entire nation.

by Jacob G.

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Daily 5

In Daily 5 we: read, do word work, and writing. In Word Work we have some vocabulary words and we have use them to fill out a sheet. We also look up each word in the dictionary. We brainstormed for a new narrative topic. After we choose a topic we fill out a word cluster sheet that helps us write out all the details in our story. When we do read to self, we get a book from the class library and read the books. I am reading the book Lunch Money by Andrew Clements. During read to self, we can take AR quizzes.

by Lucy

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Our Week in Review


This week in math, we learned about negative numbers .We write negative numbers by putting a minus (-1). A negative number comes before zero on the number line . We reviewed the math we learned the past months. We took a test on order of operation, rounding , multiples and  factors .

In rounding we learned to round up and down to the nearest ten . If we round 27 to the nearest ten it would be 30 because 5 or more we round up to the next ten. Four or less the ten stays the same.

Jacob M.

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Daily 5

This week when we did Daily 5 some people did Read-to-Self. When we do Read-to-Self we get books from our classroom library and Read to ourselves. Some of us did work on writing which is when we take out our journals and we write about the topic that either we or Mrs. Lewis chose. Some things we did in our journal already are: a seed story on a person that means something to us. Some of us did a practise on action verbs on NoRedInk. NoRedInk is a website that teaches grammar by letting you choose your interests in:

  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Friends
  • Authors
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Bands
  • Music types
  • Shows
  • Movies.

by Talia

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we learned about the three branches of the US government and symbols of patriotism. The three branches are the legislative, Executive, and the Judicial Branch. The legislative branch writes laws that are used by the entire nation. The executive branch enforces or carries out national laws. The judicial branch makes sure that laws follow the constitution. Some symbols of patriotism is the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell and the bald eagle. We also did a Veteran’s Day packet. We learned about the history of Veteran’s Day.

by Masha

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Our Week in Review


In science, we learned about male and female parts of flowers. For example, the anther, sperm, and male cone are male parts. Pistil, egg and female cone are female parts. The sperm and egg together fertilize the plant. We also dissected a flower.
We cut it with scissors. We also learned that bees help flowers by pollination.

by Evan W.



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This week in math we learned more about order of operations. We also took a test on order of operations and worked on some word problems. 

by George

Daily 5

In Daily 5, we continued working on Student Led Conferences and capitalization.

Our Week in Review


This week we learned about order of operations. In order of operations we do  parentheses, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. There are many steps to do an order of operations problem.  First, solve parentheses, then left to right- solving for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction in the order they are in the equation.  

By Jacob G.




In Daily 5 this week we took a capitalization quiz on noredink. We read a lot this week in Daily 5.  For Writing and Word Work we worked on our SLC presentations.

By Jake

Workshop with Mordechai Rosenstein

Yesterday our class went to see a famous artist.  His name is Mordechai Rosenstein. He makes his artwork out of Hebrew letters.   My favorite is where he made letters out of the first things God made- like day and night, animals,and land. Then we did an activity where we had to draw our names out of things we like.  To learn more, visit Mordechai Rosenstein’s website:

 By Jett

Rules for a unified classroom הכיתה המאוחדת

For the past few weeks we learned three different rules how to create a unified classroom (הכיתה המאוחדת) First we read a story about a girl who needed help, and unfortunately, nobody offered to help her. It led us to our classroom discussion on the “rules” of becoming a unified class.  The students recognized what the problem was in the story, then they conferred on what ideas could have helped the situation, and finally, they determined a solution. The first rule that we learned is that We Should Always Help a Classmate.  ואהבת לרעך כמוך (You should treat your friend the way you want to be treated) which is a famous quote from Rabbi Akivah.

The second rule specifies keeping the environment and daily surroundings clean.  We discussed ways to help the environment, and we also talked about keeping our own classroom clean.

The third rule is to respect your friend’s belongings as you would your own.


We Filled Our Cup!

Our Class has filled our Behavior cup!!  Each time the class followed CHAMPS or received a compliment for exceptional behavior, marbles were added to our cup.  As the reward, the class voted to eat lunch in our class and watch a movie.  We will be celebrating this Wednesday, October 28th.  I am so proud of the class- it takes a lot of marbles to fill the cup!  Now, we start again!!


Our Week in Review

Daily 5

Hi. I’m Nava. I am going to explain what happened this week for Daily 5. We have been reading a lot and working really hard to reach our AR goal. Good luck! On our Ipad(or laptop or computer) we did an Adjective test on Our S.L.C. will soon be finished. But not me, I’m spending all my doing this!

By Nava


We had two test this week- one on factors, prime and composite numbers and the other on multiples and common multiples.


By Madelyn

Social Studies and Science

This week in Social Studies, we worked on our Geo Literacy project with Ms. Hallet. Our project was to make a map of an assigned state. We had also had a checklist to go through to make sure we had all the information on our maps. Here are some pictures of the project:


In Science we learned about different types of plants, Vascular and Nonvascular.The difference is that vascular plants have roots and nonvascular don’t. We also learned about different types of roots, Fibrous and Taproots. The difference between fibrous and taproots are that taproot plants have one main root, but fibrous plants have multiple roots. We also made our own potato heads that grow grass hair!


By Sam K.

Our Week in Review

Each week, the students will take turns writing the blog post on what they learned during the week.

Daily 5

This week in Daily 5 we have been doing word work, work on writing, and read to self.  In word work we have been practicing adjectives and in work on writing we have been writing seed stories.  A seed story is a story that is about only one thing with a lot of details.  We have also been doing  We did work on adjectives.

Written by Masha


Today we checked our homework.
Words to know: factors, prime number, multiples, composite number, array, and divisibility.
Today we learned about divisibility. If a number ends in  2, 4, 6 ,8, 0, then the number is divisible by 2. We also learned about factors.

By Lucy

Science and Social Studies

In Social Studies we are working on our Geo Literacy project with Mrs. Hallet.  Monday we went to the Science Lab with Mrs. Jaffa.  In class we are still waiting on our hypothesis to happen.  Three days ago we put a celery piece in a cup of water with blue food coloring in it.  My hypothesis was that the celery was going to turn blue by absorbing the color out of the water and in to the celery.  Here is an image of the celery today.
What do you think is going to happen to the celery?
Please leave a comment.

By Lily


What does the Mishna say about a kosher sukkah

The past two weeks we studied the halachot (rules) from the Mishna for a kosher anFord non kosher sukkah.  For example you are allowed to build a sukkah on a camel, on a balcony and on a boat but not under an existing tree. We also studied about the  ארבעת המינים (Four Species) and their connection to the various characteristics the Jewish People.  We also discussed who is obligated to dwell in the sukkah and who is not.