Welcome to our Unified classroom ברוכים הבאים לכיתה המאוחדת

This week has been all about getting to know each other and our classroom.  We are learning about our new routines, becoming familiar with expectations of classroom behavior, and starting Kitah Dalet curriculum.

We worked on our curriculum theme for the year which is HaKitah HaM’oochedet ‘building a unified classroom’.  The first unit focuses on the unique nature of each student (their special qualities and needs) and what each one of them can contribute in order to build a unified class.

The entire class put together the puzzle of the new unified Kitah Dalet class.photo 2photo 3photo 2photo 4photo 5

Our Class Mission Statement

We began the week discussing how our class can become a community of kindness and learning.  I posed three questions to the students:

Why are we HERE?

What do we NEED to do well together?

How do we MAKE that happen?

The students wrote their responses on post-it notes and placed them under each question.  From there we combined the responses on the Smartboard, creating our mission statement.  Our mission statement is the foundation of our class; we are united in our behavior and academic expectations.



What We Did This Week by Aleeya

Monday- Monday we had no school because it was Memorial Day and Shavuot!

Tuesday- Tuesday we had Daily 3. For those of you that do not know what it is, it’s when you read, write and do word work. Then we had to go to art. In art we did abstract art. Abstract art is when you get paint, cardboard and paper. What you do is you dip the cardboard in paint, then make shapes. It was fun. Then we had math and we had to do a challenge. The challenge was you have 3qts and 5qts but you only need 4qts. How will you get 4qts? Then we had P.E. In P.E we swam because it was really hot and we have a pool at our school.  We also celebrated Eva’s birthday because her birthday is in summer.

photo 1  photo (1)

Wednesday- On Wednesday we did yoga. Yoga was very fun. We also celebrated Eliana’s birthday because they are all summer birthdays.

photo 5photo 2

Thursday-  On Thursday we celebrated Ava’s birthday because her birthday is a summer birthday and we had donuts.

Friday – On Friday, we went to Jewish Studies and we learned about grammar. We then went to music. That was our LAST music class for the whole year! Then we had to go to math. After that we went to lunch. After that we had L.A. We did the Daily 3. Then we had to go to Kabbalat Shabbat and Dreams Come True. Dreams Come True is an organization for the kids or parents that are sick to give that family a happy time and dream instead of sitting in the hospital. So we send them to Orlando to have a happy dream. So today we are going to send a five year old boy that has cancer to Orlando with his family.

Weekly Blog Post by Daisy

Here is last week’s post. Thanks, Daisy, for being the blogger.

Monday– On Monday we read, did our last little things for the A-Z Challenge. The challenge is over. So like I said we did Daily 3. After a little bit of Daily 3, we went to talk about the Skype that we did on Tuesday. When I say talk about the Skype, I mean we plan for it. So like what the jobs are. After that we worked on Imagery Poems. If you do not know what Imagery Poems are, here is what it is. It is a poem that has a picture in the background, and it has your name, an object, a colour, a feeling, a noise, a taste, lastly your name again. If you would like to make one, I would recommend using a website called Piclits (http://www.piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspx).

Imagery Name Poem

TuesdayOn Tuesday we had a Mystery Skype call. If you do not know what a Skype call is, it is when we Skype a different class and we do not know where they live, and they do not know where we live. We try to guess where they live and they try to guess where we live with only yes or no questions. They live in Abercrombie, North Dakota.
WednesdayOn Wednesday we finished up and shared our Imagery Poems and had Daily 3.
ThursdayField Trip!
FridayOn Friday had Daily 3. 

NEW Reading Challenge for 2015-16

Congratulations to all 4th graders who achieved a medal in the A-Z reading challenge! I witnessed the hard work and wide reading that is, of course, the true reward of participation.


Welcome to the new 2015/16 Reading Challenge. Rather than reading our way through the alphabet, this new challenge requires participants to read according to categories. We think this is going to be lots of fun. Reading for the challenge begins the afternoon of June 2nd. Details are below:
2015-16 Reading Challenge

Mrs. Lewis created a helpful organizer that can be printed and used to keep track of books read for each category.
2015-16 Reading Challenge Organizer

Happy Reading!

Weekly Review by Alisa

It is getting close to the end of the year. Our class had to make a project for our SLC’s.

SLC is the Student Led Conference.
 We made reflections on most of our subjects we do in school. For language arts we had a success criteria and we have to follow the questions on the success criteria.
For math we filled out a sheet and answered all of the questions. Then we transformed all of the writing into a reflection. We did the same thing for Jewish studies. We would choose an artifact we did throughout the year, and we would write a small post about it. My artifact was Passover.
When we had our student led conference we showed all of the reflections we did.
Some pictures from last week in language arts from documentarians Aleeya and Mason.
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1282 IMG_1283 IMG_1284