Weekly Post by Aleeya

On Monday we did not have school because it was President’s Day. So I am going to skip to Tuesday. On Tuesday we had book club. Book club is where you get together and talk about what you read. I think it is different because there are questions and you have to answer the questions and hear other people’s opinion’s so you can learn other stuff about the book and what they think. I think it is fun.
Then we went to the gym. The whole school was there for the Memories of Love organization. They raise money for people that are sick so that the sick people will have  good memories and not just sit around in the hospital. Our school raised money by running for Memories of Love so that people could be sent to Disney World or Universal to have a good time and make good memories.

On Wednesday we did Daily 3. In Daily 3 we do word work,  work on writing and reading . During word work we play games like Words With friends , word create, and No Red Ink.  No Red Ink is where you learn capitalization and other stuff, and it really teaches you a lot of stuff.  In art we are writing a post about our portfolios we have been making. We also wrote a post about quad blogging. The more you write, the more you learn more punctuation, capitalization and you learn more of everything. Also the more you read the better you get so you can read harder books. It is a lot of fun.

On Thursday we had book club. I think it is fun because you read with other people. We also wrote Quad blogging reflections. Quad blogging is when you blog with four classes. We quad blogged with people from Trinidad Illinois and Wisconsin. How it works is one week we write a post about our school and they comment on our blogs and then they write a post about their school and where they live and we comment on their blogs. We also have a success criteria. The success criteria is at least six sentences for a comment and a lot more for post. Also good punctuation, proper grammar be kind when you leave comments even if they make a lot of mistakes . Let their teacher deal with it. Don’t be mean or negative. Always be positive.

On Friday we read the book The Energy Bus. The Energy Bus is about not letting bullies boss you around and about being positive and overcoming challenges. What I learned is to think you’re going to have a good day and you will. There are also rules that we all learned from the Energy Bus.  Picture you’re going to have a good day and be nice and people will be nice back. Rule two: fuel your ride with positive energy. Then the next day George  was getting on the bus and he said to the bus driver, Joy, I had the best day ever, and the bully’s stopped bullying him.photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Week 4 Quad Blogging

Your Commenting Assignment

  1. Find your name on this page. You will have either one or two assigned blogs.
  2. Go to Ms. McLean’s class where you will see the students’ blogs listed. Find each blogging partners and visit that person’s blog.
  3. Look for the post tagged “quad blog.” If the quad blogging post is not posted, you may comment on another post.
  4. Read the post thoughtfully.
  5. Leave a quality comment that is positive, well-written and makes a connection to the post.
  6. Edit carefully for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
  7. Before submitting your comment, copy it. Paste into an email and send to Mrs. H for credit.
  8. All comments must be posted by Friday!

MJGDS Quad Blog Wordle

Last week was our turn to write posts as part of the quad blogging experience. Our students worked hard to communicate what they love about their school, as well as what makes Martin J. Gottlieb Day School unique and special. They will be receiving comments this week from our partners in Trinidad, Illinois and Wisconsin.

I thought it would be fun to create a Wordle out of all the 4th grade posts.4th grade qb wordle.pdf

A Different Way to Review

PhotoGrid_1422287283305On Friday, we played an awesome game in math. In math, we sit in groups of 3. You are one or two or three. You each get a dry erase board and a marker and eraser. On the smart board a problem shows up. One for number 1, one for number 2 and one for number 3. You estimate the problem and get an answer, then get the exact answer. Each problem is different for a different number. Then after doing that for a while we switch to word problems. When you do problems your numbers don’t matter. We had a lot of fun playing this.

By Danny