Weekly LA Review by Moe

This week in Language Arts we picked our read aloud book! We chose Under The Egg. We watched the book trailers for the books. We really enjoy reading this book. It is a very good book.

Image Credit: Saylor S

Image Credit: Saylor S

Image Credit: Ava J

Image Credit: Ava J

We also did research about animals for March mammal madness. We learned all about our animals, and we each were assigned an animal. The animals don’t actually fight. Scientists will study about the animals and put what they think will happen.

We learned to use a lot of new databases and websites to learn new things about our critically endangered animals. We have done many new things to learn about March mammal madness.

Image Credit: Aleeya S

Image Credit: Aleeya S

Presenting the Dilemmas in the Megillah

In Jewish Studies the students learned the story of the Megilah from a different approach.  The  approach was to focus on the life skill of decision-making by presenting each part of the story in the format of a Problem-Advice-Solution.  Another skill used was inference;  the students had to read between the lines and infer how each of the main characters in the Megillah made their decision and how it impacted what happened in the Purim story.

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Weekly Review by Ava

Photo credits: Mrs. H, Elizabeth R., Saylor S.

This week, every day, we started off with yoga. What we do first when we do yoga is the sitting pose with our hands on our knees and our palms facing up and our eyes closed. We do this for about 2 to 3 minutes. Then when we finish the 2 or 3 minutes we stand up and try to touch our toes. Then after that we sit back down and do the butterfly pose and try to bring our foreheads down and touch the ground. Then we lay back and do savasana. That is when we lay back, have our palms face the ceiling and close our eyes.

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On Monday 2/23/15- First we did yoga on the rug because Mrs.Hernandez thinks that it is a calming way to get started for the day. We learned how they write writing prompts in fourth grade at public school. Then we got to write a writing prompt. The question is, ” Is clutter okay or should you always try to be neat?”


On Tuesday 2/24/15- When we walked into the room Mrs.Hernandez told us to read or to work on our writing prompts. A lot of people chose to read and a couple people chose write. Then once everyone was in the classroom Mrs.Hernandez asked for everyone to the rug to talk about their prompts. Two people got to read their prompts. One of the people was me, Ava. It was fun because we got to give tips to the two people who read. Then we went to book club. The people in Mrs. Fennell’s book club are reading A Single Shard. The people in Mrs. Hernandez’s book club are reading Frindle, and the people in Mrs.Hallett’s book club are reading Around the World in 80 Days.


On Wednesday 2/25/15- We walked in the room and we were told to work on our prompts for the entire morning. Then when everyone was in the room Mrs. Hernandez said to do daily three and to first do writing but if you are finished with your prompt then you can read or do word work.

On Thursday 2/26/15- We were told to go straight to the rug so that we can discuss our prompts and what they should have in the prompt because she read over them, and she saw that they needed some changes. Mrs.Hernandez handed out highlighters so that we can find where our opinion is because some people did not state their opinion clearly. After that we went straight to book club.

On Friday 2/27/15- When we walked in we were told that it is the last day to work on our prompts. So the whole day we were basically writing the whole day. So almost the whole day was writing day. Yay.