Jewish Studies Homework

Homework for week 5/22 – 5/26

Due Monday  – Thinking homework:  Pick 1 charity that you would donate our cafe Tzedakah money.  We will vote on Tuesday.  Also, ten commandments challenge testing begins

Due  Tuesday –   Please copy the vocabulary words 2 times in your מחברת

Due  Wednesday– Please write 5 sentences using the vocabulary words in the מחברת

Due Thursday – Spelling & vocabulary test

Due Friday -Please illustrate סמל הפרשה



4 Responses to Jewish Studies Homework

  1. avatar Aleeya says:

    the Israeli dancers were great. Also one of the people that were in charge had to suns one of them was are music teacher his name is Mr. Susman and are class did not now that including me. The youngest dancer was 11 the oldest was 16.

  2. avatar Eva says:

    Dear Morah Liat,
    I think doing a blog post about the dancers is a great thing to do. Thank you for having 3rd grade do this awesome HW.

  3. avatar Moses says:

    Dear morah Liat l was sick when the Israeli dancers came. So I asked you for more homework. But now I feel better SO I COULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. 🙂

  4. avatar Brooke.g says:

    I like the dancers.

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