Morah Liat


Morah Liat, Jewish Studies



Liat Walker, a native Israeli, is the Third Grade-Gimmel Jewish Studies teacher. She is known as Morah Liat (Morah means teacher).  She has been teaching Kitah Gimmel Jewish Studies at MJGDS for twenty years.  She also teaches Fifth Grade (Hey) Jewish Studies at our school and is the Jewish Studies Coordinator.

Morah Liat is married to Blair, and has two children – Rachel, an MJGDS graduate and now a senior at the University of Florida, and a son, David, a former MJGDS student and a graduate of Florida State University.  Morah Liat earned her degree from the University of North Florida.








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    Abigails older sister, Lydia, sat in the same spot 27 years ago.

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    Looking forward to a wonderful year!

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