Funny Money and Fraction Action!

If you need convincing that math is everywhere, our fourth quarter math will do the trick!  We began learning about money a few weeks ago.  Students worked together using Publix flyers.  They had to create a meal plan for a day and estimate how much the food would cost.  They recalled how to round numbers, added up multiple items, and compared their estimate with the actual cost.  Through that process they demonstrated that they could work out priorities (if one student wanted some apples for lunch and their partner didn’t!)  They discussed what options were healthy, and they learned what BOGO means.  They saw that sometimes there are advertisements for BOGO, and sometimes the advertisement says, “Buy 2 for $5.00, save $0.75.”.  See the pictures below and check out the smiles.


But wait, there’s more!  We started learning about fractions last week.  Students are learning that fractions can be part of a set.  For example, two out of fifteen students wear glasses.  Fractions often mean part of a whole, as when you cut one apple into two pieces.  They’re also discovering that fractions are even more fun when you can eat them.  We crunched tasty graham crackers on Friday, and there’s more munching planned for this week!


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