Hats off to hands on!

Hello!  Third graders have had so many opportunities to learn in meaningful, age appropriate ways.  They’re having a great time diving into the content.  Words their way has been very enjoyable and students love sorting the words, learning new vocabulary, and looking at “oddball” words.  The English language is actually quite difficult to master, particularly for a person who is not a native speaker.  Approximately 50% of words in our language are not spelled as they are pronounced (through, though, knew, sew…).

Students are also investigating milliliters and liters and we have had a lot of fun pouring, estimating and measuring.  Food coloring is very exciting to third graders!

Mrs. Jaffa introduced types of energy in the science lab, and students rotated to four different stations to learn about sound waves and refraction and reflection.  Students were amazed that they could make grains of salt move by placing a tuning fork near them on a surface.  They are learning about potential and kinetic energy in class by building a paper roller coaster.

I am reading Because of Winn Dixie and students are seeing how a character develops in a story.  They’re having deep discussions with their peers and making connections between this read aloud and Wish (our last read aloud).

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