Jaguars in Jacksonville and beyond

Go Jaguars!  I haven’t watched football with any enthusiasm, well, ever.  This past Sunday I was glued to my couch though, as the Jags played the Steelers.  My sister lives in Pittsburgh, so there was a little friendly rivalry.  In addition to feeling an allegiance to our local team, I have found myself becoming more interested in football because so many of my darling third graders are exuberant football fans.  I actually recognized some of the players’ names because several students have been writing about football in their non-fiction pieces.  It’s important to me to find multiple ways to connect with students and to show them that their interests matter to me.  Building relationships with students and families is one of my great pleasures in life.

Jaguars are an interest on the football field, and also in the Amazon rainforest.  Students have just begin learning about this incredible ecosystem and some of the exotic animals that live there.  This unit of study is really exciting because I am able to combine so many different areas – science, language arts, art, music, technology, and even math.  I am so fortunate to work with our amazing team who make this content come alive for students.  Mrs. Hallett is leading the way teaching students the research process, and they will eventually publish their research using an app called Book Creator.  Mrs. Jaffa is teaching students to create a terrarium and they can see the water cycle.  Mrs. Gutterman has art projects going and students will create a robotic rainstick.  Our study incorporates TuB’Shevat  as well, and you will see that on Tuesday, 1/23 at 6:30p.m.   There are standards that are taught from each content area, and combining them under the umbrella (canopy, if you’d like to learn a rainforest vocabulary word) makes learning relevant and interesting for students.

I’m looking forward to seeing my students tomorrow!  I love starting the day with smiles and hugs.




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