Tornado in science lab causes NO damage!

Did you hear the news about several tornadoes that were seen in The Martin J. Gottlieb School science lab?  Fortunately no one was hurt and there was no damage.  Our fearless teacher, Mrs. Jaffa, taught students how to create their very own tornado last week!  Students worked together and learned about the scientific process in order to create their tornado.  There were several groups that did not create a tornado the first time they tried.  Imagine that!  Students had to persevere and try again, just like true scientists.  One of our core values is teaching students that learning involves taking risks.  It’s OK to have to work through problems.  We all love to see the final product (in this case, a tornado), but the valuable part is the process of learning.  Look at the excitement in the video below!

Students are continuing to learn about weather, what the difference is between weather and climate, what causes changes in climate, why we need to understand about weather, and severe weather.  They are learning that reading non-fiction is different than reading fiction.  We get ready for that kind of reading in a unique way.  I am teaching them about previewing the text, reading text features like headings, sub-headings, looking at photos and captions, and accessing prior knowledge.  It’s wonderful to have such an engaging curriculum that is motivating to students and teachers.

I hope you all had a terrific weekend.  If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact Liat or me.


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