When I was a little girl I thought that North was always straight ahead of me. If I turned, then North was still straight ahead. Your third graders won’t have that misconception! We have been learning all about maps lately, and when you come into the classroom you will see some of their work. They have compared maps and globes, learned about symbols on maps, identified regions in the U.S., and labeled states where they have visited.  Mrs. Gutterman taught them about analogous colors, and they painted maps. Then they took a photo of their map and imported it into pic collage, and they are working on adding text about states, landmarks, and landforms. Mrs. Hallett has been teaching students how to do research using various databases and web-sites (Google Earth, Kiddle.Co, World Book On-Line etc.)  They’ve been learning about landmarks in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and The Caribbean. They will be using an app called Book Creator to create a project about what they learned, and they will post that to their blog. It’s incredible to see nine year olds examine a variety of sources, read, take notes, use software to publish, and reflect on their learning.  When I tell my daughters in high school about all the fun the students have while they learn, they always say, “I wish we could learn like that.”

Exciting science in the lab is coming this week, along with 3D printing!

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