We’ve been in school. Then out of school. In. Then out. In. Out. These transitions can make life difficult for anyone, and your children might be experiencing some anxiety about the change of schedule. Simply managing a regular bed-time can be tricky! I remember when my daughters were young and small changes to their routine caused lots of emotional ups and downs. The less sleep they got the more chocolate I ate.

You might also be hearing about how third grade is harder than second grade. It is! When your children were in the early elementary years they were learning to read, and now they are reading to learn. It sounds fairly simple, but it is a major shift in cognitive focus. I am teaching students to think deeply about what they read, to monitor their comprehension strategies, compare and contrast texts, and to write like real authors. And that’s just the beginning! I am going to share more about the curriculum at open house (10/24 6:00 – 7:30). I know that students are working hard and they will begin to see their own growth soon and feel pride in their work. There are cross-curricular projects they will do to enhance their learning, and they will have such a great time creating and exploring.

Below are a couple of students working hard during our writing workshop. Writing long and strong is a focus during this time.   Eli D. is writing in his writer’s notebook and there is a rubric on his desk that shows him what the end result should look like. Writing is a process and it’s important for students to see what the goals are. Chloe has the same rubric, and an organizer to help her select topics for her writing. The first quarter writing is all about personal narratives. I can’t wait to show you the wonderful work your children have been doing, and by the end of the quarter they will post to their blog and reflect on their learning.


Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about social studies and science! The students have been learning about maps and regions of the U.S., and they are just starting to explore about landmarks. Mrs. Hallett is teaching students how to research and present information.  Mrs. Gutterman is teaching students about watercolors and analogous colors in relation to maps. Later in October, students will be learning about weather and will be in the science lab with Mrs. Jaffa. Mrs. Gutterman found something amazing to coordinate with that, but I want you and the students to be surprised so I’m not telling you yet! Let’s just say, GO STEAM!

I love teaching your children, and working with the team here at school.

Here are some dates to keep in mind:

First Quarter Ends 10/30

Parent Teacher Conferences, Wednesday, 11/1 (details about times will be shared soon!)




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