First Week of Third Grade/Kitah Gimmel

Our first week in third grade was full of learning and fun!  In both general studies and Jewish studies students learned about respect – kavod כבוד.  We established routines and procedures and created our class rules.  We did a variety of activities to learn about showing kindness to others.  One activity showed how mean comments can hurt people inside.  Please ask your children to explain the apple activity, and here is a photo in case they forgot!  You can see that one apple is bruised and one is not.   There is a video clip at the end of this blog post that demonstrates the lesson students learned.

Students also wrote about how they will show respect, listen to others, have self-control, and be kind and safe.  We read the books Chrysanthemum and Chester’s Way to reinforce those ideas.  These values will be  modeled and discussed throughout the school year as children build their social and emotional skills.

Your children are avid readers!  We began talking about building a reading life and how to be successful readers at home and at school.  I am so excited to see that students are already talking about being deeply engaged in a book, when they almost feel as though they are “in” the book.  Wow!  Here are some photos of your sweet children reading in class.  

In Jewish Studies we reviewed blessings, prayers and vocabulary that we learned last year.  We learned about collaborating and working together in groups while trying to spell a new important vocabulary word which will be our theme for the year:  B’hatzlacha  בהצלחה- meaning that we will be successful in showing Kavod כבוד and learning Hebrew עברית.


We learned that you have to work together, sometimes fail on the first try, try again and don’t give up until you get the correct answer.  Can you tell which image shows the word B’hatzlacha spelled correctly?





The students also blew the shofar every morning in honor of the month of Elul as we get ready to welcome Rosh HaShana.



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