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Good afternoon from the happy owner of The Magical Café! We had a very successful opening (and closing) of our restaurant. I am delighted that the staff of The Magical Café did such a wonderful job preparing the food and performing their jobs with such a high level of professionalism. After reading your reviews, it appears you had a magical experience as well.   Here are my thoughts about our morning…

Your children love to learn in meaningful, relevant, and “hands-on” ways. They were in charge of a great deal in the restaurant. They voted on the name, Kyra made the t-shirt design, they suggested recipes, applied for their jobs, and brainstormed ways to make the restaurant a success. They learned about money, teamwork, and work ethic. They each have a new appreciation for people who work in restaurants!   The money you paid will go to a charity that the students select though a vote.

Students wrote on their blog in class today about what they learned, and they posted photos. Please read them, encourage your family members to read and respond too.

I have a new level of respect for anyone in the restaurant business! It truly takes a great deal of planning, organization and collaboration to carry out all the tasks. My heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Rogozen, Mrs. Hallett, Ms. Lewis (4th grade), Morah Liat, Rachel B., Jessica K., Marissa K., Simon S., , my daughter Julia, and everyone who helped us. There is definitely a reason for the phrase “It takes a village.”

When I get home I will post the recipes. I am so glad that you enjoyed the breakfast. Shabbat Shalom!



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